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Another Day in Blahidise

2021-01-18, 7:21 p.m.

Didn't do much today. Walked around the house. Made lunch. Watched more television. Per my Lauren Gunderson vow from yesterday, I listened to Natural Shocks. It was chilling. It was too windy to go outside, so I didn't do that. Another day in blahidise.

I did finish off my Sylvi coat and wrote a very long blog about all the issues I had with it. So there's that. It's nice to finish a project after years of work and I've done a few of those lately, so good for me. Now I am starting a new project with this weird ribbon yarn I bought when it was whoppingly on sale, seeing what it does.

Somehow my accidentally replaced today's entry with yesterday's, so I have to rewrite this shit from scratch.

Today's Hallmark:

Timeless Love: I really liked this one. A woman named Megan gets in an accident and is in a coma for two months. While in the coma she has a dream in which she's happily married with two kids, and is devastated to wake up and find out that she's single. She lost her job for being in a coma for too long, which is of course truth in reality and horrifying, but this show doesn't say a damned thing about she's lost her health insurance and can't possibly pay for her hospital bills and needs a job super bad. (I say this because the book I'm reading now has a character who was in a coma for 2 months and the medical bills came to 1.5 million.) She gets a temp job working for a photographer....who turns out to be her dream husband, Thomas.

The show doesn't spell it out, but clearly she had a psychic future dream, because she absolutely nails Thomas's personal preferences, favorite foods, etc. She finds the house they were living in, under construction. She's also shocked when his mom dies, because in her dream his mom died before she met him. The one awkward thing--besides literally everything else--is that Thomas has a girlfriend, who is nice but doesn't exactly relate to humanity, and sees everything through an anthropology lens. She's not who you want to call when your mom dies. Megan does better by just taking him to an aquarium. This plot gave me some deja vu about Scott's grandma dying.

Eventually Thomas finds her list of things she knows about him and she explains everything, and he's totally weirded out and fires her. Then he realizes that she's seen some of the photos he's taken and figures out she wasn't lying. Of course, they get together.

This was a cool movie concept, and makes me wish I had psychic dreams because they'd be USEFUL.

You're Bacon Me Crazy: This is about food trucks, and has a great name, I must admit. Girl and guy run rival food trucks: she does sandwiches just like her grandpa made, he roams around with a truck called 'Mo Bacon" that everyone loves. There is a food truck competition. They both win.
Two For The Win: This is the exact same plot as "Snowcoming," with the exact same actor, except substitute "skiing" for "football."
Both of those were pleasant enough, but obviously I can't think of much to say in retrospect now that my notes are gone. I like the actors in those shows. The ladies are gorgeous, hot blondes.

Batwoman: "What Happened to Kate Kane?"

I have been so-so on Batwoman the show, Ruby Rose, and Kate Kane in general. I watch it, it's okay, but the only characters that really excite me are Alice (I love Rachel Sklarsten but she does the best at creepy, so she has more to do here than she did in "Timeless Love" above) and Mary. I have been at a complete loss as to why the hell the show decided to have Batwoman 2 though. This is a show where people literally have their faces removed and swapped, why the fuck wouldn't you just have Kate Kane 2 like it's an 80's soap opera (or 2019's Dynasty, which totally did it....twice)? The entire show revolves around Kate Kane's family. It screws up the dynamics to just remove her and replace her with a stranger. I have read interviews on this topic and do not comprehend their logic.

And while the show wants to avoid Bury Your Gays and thus can't kill her off, trying to make it a mystery to solve on the show instead when Ruby Rose doesn't seem to want to come back...why bother? I know what happened IRL, I just don't care about the "mystery" in show when they can't really handle it. She's just gonna be in limbo or whatever?

Anyway: this show introduces "the new Batwoman," Ryan Wilder, who ends up with the suit after it ends up in a plane crash, and won't give it up so she can use it to kill her mother's murderer, which of course is Alice or whatever because Alice does everything. She's a poor ex-con and a bunch of numbers and statistics. (Where's Kate? Who the fuck knows.) I think she's cuter than Ruby Rose, but otherwise, I'm not feeling super strongly about her either. This is just weak. So....this is exactly the amount of vague "meh, not loving this or even liking this any better," I was expecting, I'm afraid.

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