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Push The Button For No Service

2019-01-20, 6:42 p.m.

As for Sunday, it was one of those do-nothing days, y’know, gym/tan/laundry...except with me it’s gym/groceries/library, not always in that order. But that did lead to me seeing a car with a sticker on it saying “Existence is Pain,” which I now want.

One petty crap thing I did not mention yesterday because it kind of ruined the mood: I will have to replace my electric toothbrush head next month and I’m about out of the stash I got at Wal-Mart ages ago (a 5-pack), so on my way home yesterday as I was about to drive by it, I decided to stop in and get one.

Well. If you have been in a Wal-Mart recently, they are now locking the shit up out of petty stuff like lady shaving razors and the like. I was having a terrible time finding the Intuition brand a while back because it isn’t being sold everyone like usual any more, and at one point while I was out with my mom at Wal-Mart, I wanted to pick some up, but after 20 minutes of waiting for someone to unlock the fucking case, we gave up. Well, this is happening with the toothbrushes as well now, and they have security cameras ALL OVER those aisles now. And when I found a lone person over in the paint section (which was as close as I could find to anyone) to ask to unlock it, she not only would not do it, she told me to “push the button” near the toothbrushes to alert someone to come and unlock it.

Um. There was no button near the toothbrushes whatsoever. The closest button to push and wait for service was....dum dum dum.... at the condoms and lube case several aisles away from there. And I was all, you know what? I was not ashamed of buying things like that back in the day, I have unashamedly gone into sex toy stores and even occasionally bought something in them. But it is 2019 and I am not stupid enough to push the button by the condom case and then sit there and wait for 20 minutes to infinity while I’m being filmed on camera. That is not a good idea in this day and age. So fuck you, Wal-Mart, you lost out on a $30-ish sale.

I wonder how much they are selling if they lock up the products and then have no way for anyone to actually buy the damn things. If they’re having that much thievery, I guess that prevents the loss, but then you literally can’t buy the products either? How useless is that? Anyway, today I found electric toothbrushes at Rite-Aid, which I could take off the shelf myself, so fuck you and your security, Wal-Mart.

It had rained at night/in the morning but was sunny in the afternoon and I wanted to go outside, but it was still too wet to do any outside hang time, so I went to the library and got a bunch of political books (sigh...keeps happening). I have been reading Full Disclosure by Stormy Daniels today, in public, which so far nobody has noticed.

I did run into my old roommate Ian, who I now no longer see since he had a second kid. He was also a diehard crafter and now said he can’t do it any more and it’s all buried in the far back of the house. He got fed up with environmental toxicology and decided to change careers and become a programmer. I had to admit I was in the same job and can’t get out because well, dumb English major. Sigh. Seriously, I’ve tried to learn programming occasionally over the years and never gotten anywhere with it because I am apparently too stupid to understand modern programming. Which as far as I can tell is taught along the lines of “Here is a line of code, now you type one!” so no wonder. But if I had those brains, I’d program by now.

But man...I know when you have kids you have to give up everything about you in order to have them--at least in the early years. It makes me sad when I see people lost to that. I am so glad I never had any, not that I wanted any. I just don’t want to give up what I do like about myself to do that.

Oh, and my missing neighbor is finally back, as I saw a light on in his apartment when I came home tonight. From what I could peek through on the windows, the place looks dead empty except for a table and him sitting at a laptop (and I can hear him tonight talking). No kid, though. I guess he will be moving soon?

In other news, my mom seems to be so occupied with her boyfriend that I’ve barely heard from her and none of it on the phone this week. Since pre-boyfriend she mandated that she had to be called Wednesdays and Sundays or Fits Would Be Thrown, this is interesting...also she now sees boyfriend on those nights. I’d be annoyed except I also enjoy the quiet when I am in the mood to be quiet. go have fun. I can’t help but think when it was the other way around though, so many fits were thrown!

I spent the rest of the night watching the super blood wolf moon eclipse online, since it was so cloudy here you couldn't see it here most of the time. The clouds briefly cleared out right in front of my place so I could see it for a bit at the apex, and I was so happy...and then the clouds were back for the rest of the night.

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