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Inauguration Day

2021-01-20, 7:13 p.m.

Welcome to our actual New Year.

I took the day off from work to watch it without interruptions or having to pretend to care about work today, because I do not. (Also, I wanted to make damn sure NOTHING BAD HAPPENED, and if it did, I really wasn't going to be able to concentrate on work, see January 6.) I wore my "Majority Opinion" collar alone at home, and the closest thing I could find to (NYT link) a strand of pearls, a pearl-ish Hawaiian necklace.

I also....well, years ago I made a Certain Item that has had pins put in it, been used in banishing rituals, trapped under something heavy and thrown in the freezer for the last four years. I dismembered the item this morning and threw it in the trash and it was a great delight to be able to do so. I sent photos of this to Redhead Sarah. She sent me a lot of rainbow emojis.

I also heard from Laurel, who I haven't heard from all pandemic, finally checking her email from November apparently!

Mom was also home watching this, glad to be home, and said it made her tear up.

How heartening it all was! What a relief! THE LONG NATIONAL NIGHTMARE IS OVER, even if the long global one remains. Well, things have got to improve on that point, at least politically.

* I did slightly wince as the pronunciation of "Kamala," sigh, and you could tell she froze up a bit there, but what can you do. Reminded me of Scott saying something about his name getting called at graduation, same experience.
* Was Lady Gaga wearing a giant mockingjay, perhaps? Just wondering.
* I read a few articles saying that Ella Emhoff (a knitter and design student) was considering making herself a suit for the inauguration, but alas, I wasn't able to tell if she did. (Per Ravelry later, she did not. Sigh.) She had bling on her coat shoulders, that's as much as I could tell. I did find out that Bernie has a handmade mitten collection, so there's something for my mailing list this week.
* I love that "Dr. Biden" (in quotes since that's what the guy called her) picked out a happy rainbow painting for the day. "The rainbow is always a good sign."
* It's Gifting Time! Amy Klobuchar presents them with heavy vases, McConnell and Pelosi present flags.

I had sangria and lava cake for lunch. Yes, day drinking for good today!

I enjoyed all the dancing in the parade. Particularly (a) the girl singing while the other girl (presumably an ice skater usually? had an ice skating dress on) roller skated, and (b) the Red Hat-esque grannies in bling throwing their walkers around and doing splits. The parade was so heartening, with people all over the place of different types wearing their masks and being happy and celebrating.

And then Joe Biden signed important helpful things and Kamala swore people into office and it's all happy. And the state capital protests were a nothingburger.

Four years ago I was stuck in The Shark Tank office with coworkers that hated me. But even that day (if no other day afterwards) we were all in agreement that this was a nightmare. We had no idea of how MUCH of a nightmare that was going to be, mind you. But it finally feels like things can get better and improve. Finally, there's a reason to have legitimate hope. The tide is turning.

After all the live stuff finished off for the California afternoon, I watched Hamilton: Animal Crossing, Act 1. I was also heartened to watch a press secretary actually doing the job. I LOL'd when someone asked if the colors on Air Force One were going to change and Jen was all "I haven't had time to get into that one today what with all the executive actions and all, I'll get to that tomorrow."

The concert thing was nice, I don't have much to say about it. What a lovely day.

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