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What A Jockish Nerd Does On Friday Night

2005-01-21, 10:18 p.m.

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I just got back home from the gym. I ended up missing dance class tonight because Jackie was coming through town, but ONLY when class was going on (sigh), so I went to the gym afterwards. I have to say, I really liked going to the gym later on a Friday night, because it proved to me that yes, many of The Beautiful People didn't have dates or any plans whatsoever on a Friday night in this town.

Yesterday I did something insane gym-wise: I went to an intermediate step class ("Steptacular") without ever having been to a beginning one. I had wanted to try the beginning class, but it's only offered at 5 p.m. this quarter and I can't even get to the gym and dressed before 5:30. But on Wednesday night some of the other chicks I volunteer with (I should probably explain here that there's a half hour of overlap between shifts, and the afternoon shift girls tend to hang out with the night shift folks for awhile afterwards) were talking about the gym, and one of them raved and raved about step class and was trying to talk me into taking it. She specifically said to look out for a specific teacher, and that even taking intermediate with that one wouldn't be too bad. Well, aforementioned teacher was teaching the intermediate step class after Total Body Toning Thursday night, and TBT had been pretty easy that day, so I figured, what the hell?

Oh dear lord, it nearly killed me after 20 minutes. Now, I was thinking foolishly that I was doing pretty damn well with regards to cardio. I do 2 hour workouts a day and then walk home for a half hour after that. I'm not too tired after all of that. I can go through my dance class and still have energy at the end.

But intermediate step? Hah. Berry red face, dying, water bottle pretty drained after the aforementioned 20 minutes. Making it to 30 was torture.
Though I ended up surviving- the last 20 minutes and the 10 of abs after it weren't as hard somehow.

I may even try it again sometime. If I'm feeling insane.

While Jackie was over tonight, she was showing me her profile on She's got model-esque pics up on there, and they are gorgeous. Though it's got to be weird for whoever thinks they're dating Ms. VaVaVaVoom, when Jackie shows up in her normal tomboy ensemble. Anyway, she has a few nice prospects, one in particular.

She also gave me her username and password on the site, so I could go looking for guys. I can now say with certainty that none of the five pages of local boys on the site are my type. I am not at all surprised to have this confirmed, by the way.

Work continues to be slightly weird. Not that I can really say, mind you, but it's weird more in a ludicrous and silly kind of manner. As for what I hinted at last time...there will be no changes for me, at least for now. In a way, it's kind of a relief. I want to cut down the turmoil and all.

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