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Slowly Going Home Again

2011-01-21, 9:55 p.m.

(written around 1:30 p.m.)

So, at lunch I came to the apartment to find new carpet, woot. They were going to start in on the ceiling painting, but bizarrely enough, NOT the walls that got water damage because then they'd have to repaint everything and uh, they don't want to. I don't exactly want to wait on this longer than I have to either and it's their property (of sorts), but it does seem uh, strange. I do not look forward to Mom's whining and bitching about "why didn't they paint the walls?" though. Dear god.

My furniture is being finished up at the warehouse today and I have an appointment with them all tomorrow to bring back the bed around 1 p.m. Since motel checkout is at 11, I am kind of stumped as to what to do here. I don't want to call and say "I won't need the room any more" until I'm sure about that, I'm not sure if I should start moving stuff out of the motel yet if they are going to need the space to move in the furniture. I have Merry to help with the moving stuff out of the motel tonight, so uh... should do most of that tonight, uh.... yeah, I'm stumped here.

Much to my "heh heh heh" evil laugh delight, the upstairs is getting new floors for 2 days, though. I wonder if they had to move out for that.

Ended up giving up on the idea of moving out on Wednesday night (Merry kind of AWOL'd for a few hours after work, then said I should just wait until I can move in entirely because you never know. She had a point), so I vegged out.


I took the day off from work entirely, mostly because I had thought I was going to be moving out or something. Hah hah! I ended up sleeping in and having lunch and then going over there an hour+ early to start moving furniture out of the hallway so that they could move furniture in.

I discovered some unpleasant things about my bathroom while I was in there: not only is the shower area a total mess (note to self: keep on showering at the motel while I can), I decided to test the toilet before using it and uh... it was clogged. (Not my fault at this point!) I took to it with a plunger and... it overflowed. More goddamned water again! You can imagine my reaction at this point, and I debated calling someone and then figured I'd just wait for the guys to come by. Thankfully, there's a spare loo out by the pool that is sometimes unlocked (I swear, one of the reasons why I picked this complex, 'cause you never know).

Much to my surprise, I did manage to drag around all of the furniture remaining in the house (bookcases and one dresser and a tiny desk, mostly), and put back the books on the back bookcase. I pretty much did as much cleaning and organizing as I could do without access to all of my various shelves + leaving room for the furniture to be moved in.

And that was around 3 p.m.

Note that they were supposed to be dropping by between 1 and 2? That's when I got a sandwich and some booze from the fridge and decided to drink on the lawn.

By 3:30, I hit my limit on waiting and called the head guy. "Oh, it's on its way over." Erm... not so much. I told him about the toilet and he was flabbergasted (me too!), but said he'd bring over a superplunger and a toilet snake if necessary.

At 4:30, he and another guy came over with just the bed. Hmmmm? Apparently all the rest of the furniture was dried out, but did anyone spray the bottom of them for water marks? Hm, wait, nobody did... So apparently they were being sprayed or something. Could they bring the rest tomorrow?

We agreed that they'd bring stuff in while I was at work tomorrow and then call me to come over, rather than me taking more time off to wait around on them. I was out of things to fix up right now anyway.

And I did get him to snake the toilet. I didn't ask what happened and he didn't want to tell me.

After that, I had volunteering to go to, so then I went back to the hotel.


This morning one of the motel employees asked me what was going on, if I was going to be leaving soon. (Obviously she's seen my crap mostly packed rather than out on the hangers for the last 3 days. I gotta admit that that is super confusing even for ME who knows why I did that!) I said damned if I know and explained the situation.

I went to work, as usual, finished up what I had to get done, got the call 20 minutes before the end of work. I got back all but 2 pieces of furniture--the only one that was trashed was my nightstand, and they ran out of room for the last mini-desk. But other than that, my stuff's all in, he helped me position it, and said he'd clean out the bathtub when he came to bring the last desk tomorrow morning.

So I spent about three hours over there putting all of my books back, and then dividing the boxes between room #1 and room #2. Now they are cluttered like hell (oh god, the craft room), but at least you can get into the kitchen and living room again.

Alas, Mom called to say that yes, we are doing lunch with Aunt Susie tomorrow and they're even conceding to come to my town so as to not put me out. Though really, must everything happen Saturday morning? I'll have to go over there by 9 for the furniture/last bits of paperwork, Mom will have to be the one who hauls me out of the motel by 11, and then having to deal with relatives.

I think I can't wait to get everyone out of there so I can get to work.

I have also decided that I am going to make piles of stuff to get rid of SOMEHOW after this.

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