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I love Jen Psaki

2021-01-22, 9:09 p.m.

It was a quiet day at work, thank gawd.

I spent the day listening to Jen Psaki press conferences. I loooooooooooove her. I also watched this and was just so gratified and inspired that SOMEONE WANTS TO FIX THINGS.

Tonight's Viewing:

WandaVision, Episode 3: The 70's: Wanda gets a house call from a Doctor Nielsen who says she's four months along, while WV try to explain that it's really been about 12 hours and how does that happen?! "When a man and woman love each other very much...." is the literal answer. I will note that WV noticed the pregnancy, but haven't noticed that they've literally time traveled a decade in their wardrobe overnight....? Hmmm, the people of Westview are almost always about to find out our secret? That's so weird? Vision thinks something's wrong here...and she runs him back to make sure he doesn't say that. Wandavision, indeed, not "Wanda + Vision," I say.

"I think my water just broke" translates into "It's raining indoors" on this show. A stork keeps wandering around the house and won't leave and Wanda is trying to cover up her surprise pregnancy when Geraldine insists on coming over and chatting. I'm having a hard time concentrating on Geraldine's story, but it sounds pretty...weird? What the hell was she doing at work? Of course, here comes the baby now. "I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for this." Um, nope, there really isn't, unless we count "magic powers gone amuck somehow." Also, she has twin boys JUST LIKE THE COMICS!

Wanda remembers that she had a twin, once upon a time. This seems to somehow affect Geraldine. She sings the kids some Slovakian lullaby or whatever and Geraldine goes, "He was killed by Ultron, wasn't he?" "What did you say?' Vision's neighbors think something's suspicious about Geraldine for being single. That's very judgy-pants of you. "No home," they say. Geraldine backtracks on what she said, Wanda asks again about Pietro, Geraldine demurs, Wanda says she should leave and stares at her necklace.

The neighbors can't finish the sentence, "She came here because we all...we all....??????" EVERYONE IS SO UNCOMFORTABLE RIGHT NOW. "That macrame's not gonna hitch itself," other neighbor lady whose name I forgot says, and leaves. Wanda says Geraldine left, ominously. "She had to rush home." Which is to say that she seems to have been kicked out of the TV bubble and gets picked up by a helicopter. A lot of military personnel arrive. Yup, that continues to be weird.

I watched the Princess Bride Home Movie, which was fun.

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