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Same Old Whine

2004-01-23, 8:09 p.m.

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Sitting at home this weekend for lack of money. I can't believe I managed to nearly clean myself out before paying $150 worth of bills. Gah. I have the money in savings, but I really didn't want to remove it from there. What the hell did I do this month?

Same story every month, eh?

How the hell do I get better at this? I'm even considering coughing up $40 for PalmQuicken just so I can know immediately how much money I have left. Currently I use a free program to write down what I spend, but I don't have a way to exactly keep track of how much I have total. This may be where the problem kicks in, having no idea how bad I've been except for every other week or so when I hit the ATM. That and a whole lot of impulse shopping.

Why am I freaking again, you ask? Because guess what, the Endless Worry About My Job starts up again! Lovely to have it confirmed that half the intended audience for my product has no interest in using it, and thus we're not likely to get any financial support in budget cuts. Unless maybe we can get the upgrade done, but nobody has any idea when that'll occur...*sigh*

I gather right now things are "okay" as in other than salaries there's not much major spending going on for the project, but with budget cuts...*cry*

I'm tired of this. And reading stuff like this makes me want to cry. I'm tired of things being hard. It could be so much worse, I know, but I'm tired of feeling doom and gloom hanging over my head every day until I inevitably get laid off and have to move back in with my parents and then it's the end. Or whatever.

One of the temps in my office, after somehow managing to get at least three interviews a week for the entire time she's been here, got TWO jobs today. Everyone was flabbergasted. I'd like to have her luck someday.

*sigh* Don't mind me- all I wanted to do tonight was go out and do something, but if I leave the house this weekend I WILL spend money. Plus I really need more food because all I've got left that's edible is Ramen, rice, and one box of frozen egg rolls. And wouldn't you know that THIS turns out to be a weekend that Dave doesn't have to work on? Hah hah on me.

At least I have DVD's to watch. My one saving grace.

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