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The International Rock Star

2019-01-23, 9:42 p.m.

I had improv class again tonight. Only four people showed up this time, which concerned me but class went on anyway (whew), I think the teacher had things down as to how to work it with four people vs. the 9 or so we had last time. It was more focused on character, so that was fun.

We did more of that "kitty cat career" game, which is still not my favorite but at least I managed to guess two of them this time rather than none, so yay for that. (You are supposed to act out a cat doing a job.) We did a lot of walking around in different styles--rushing vs. slow, heavy vs. light, sustained vs. meandering or something like that, and then combining those together to create characters.

So I ended up doing a lot of dancing and then rather exhausting myself by dancing in heavy winter clothes (but hey, I got the step count in today), but I look for any excuse for that. I also ended up acting out someone who could barely move an inch at a time, someone who's super bored and meandering around waiting for Mom (been there, done this), doing some rather snooty walking around, and acting like Pooh Bear looking for hunny and later sticking my paw into a beehive (ow!). My favorite of the night was basically me doing Madonna in Dick Tracy. I don't look sexy worth a damn in real life and who knows if I was selling it enough from the outside, but I had fun doing it. The teacher pointed out that if you are doing something, it frees you up to think of something else to do rather than worrying about what to say.

We also did some more two-person scenes that were fun and crazy and then that game on Whose Line where one person doesn't know what their job is and walks into a party where everyone else knows. In this case it was "funeral director," but I wasn't expecting that ah...the corpse kept moving around? Very strange.

Anyway, I had an awesome time.

What other news is there this week so far? I stifled yawns about nine times apiece in the last 2 2-hour-long 8-10 a.m. meetings I had this week and did one actual yawn apiece but wasn't caught either time, hah. Thankfully, my third 8 a.m. meeting of the month got canceled, so there's that. Sounds like everyone else is falling asleep in these too. Seriously, must we sit still at perfect attention at 8 am.? I don't drink coffee but I don't think it's helping those who do?

We had another crazy story at work today. Not one I dealt with personally, thank goodness, but someday it'll be my drama too. We had something like 18 people get in trouble for not paying their money and then usually, everyone calls our office and loses their minds at us. One of them I shall call The International Rock Star because he has the same distinctive name as a famous rock star, which is also apparently a very common name in his home country (I tried Googling). He also is apparently super wealthy.

Anyway, Mr. Rock Star called our office in a panic a bunch of times saying that the e-mail said he had to pay in person and he's in Asia right now because his brother had an accident and is there anything we can do? Two of my coworkers reported that they literally heard a heart monitor, or what sounded like one anyway, during the phone call. My impression is that Mr. Rock Star hasn't actually been in this country for the last few weeks, which is kind of a problem in this industry for many reasons, especially if you are international and about to lose your visa or whatever the bleep happens in that situation. One of my coworkers tried to contact the international office in a panic and got nobody. And apparently during his last panicked phone call, circa 4 p.m.ish, he said he was at the airport RIGHT NOW heading over here. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Someone was all, this is not a good idea if you have visa issues (plus well, flying to America in the Trump years).

This morning, circa 10 a.m., Mr. Rock Star showed up at our office in person, claiming that he had to cancel his flight to Asia. Now, I did a Google search on how long it takes to fly from the country he was in to here, and unless he owns his own Concorde--which he might given that apparently he paid an enormous amount of money--it seems like a possible ah, stretch that he could have flown over made it here AND THROUGH COMMUTER TRAFFIC (plus whatever TSA issues/airport issues you have in that country) by the time we were open. Maybe if he'd showed up right before closing all jet lagged or something, but I guess he did not look all jet lagged and tired when he came in. So...we suspect once again someone was lying. Oh brother. Well, that was a creative lie, anyway. And of course he got what he wanted in the end, as they always do.

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