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She Died Over A Week Ago

2020-01-23, 7:17 p.m.

I mentioned having a coworker who’s out ill and unlikely to return back the other day. Well, we found out around 10 a.m. today that she died over a week ago. The family informed HR and asked HR to inform us, HR did not, so the family started calling here today wondering why they hadn’t heard from anyone. Oh, and btw, the funeral is at 1 p.m. today. So half of my unit (i.e. those who weren’t temps, and me) vacated the office for half the day to go to that, and I stayed here to put out fires if any came up (for once, nothing much did).

I wasn’t close to her. We were never quite in the same section or office space at any given time, just under the same overall unit. She was okay as a person, but not someone I was going to be getting close to. She was nice enough, but very formal. She’s the only person I ever heard say IRL, that wasn’t in a reality show, “I’m not here to make friends.” So I can’t say I feel it like my coworkers do, but it’s still sad that she died so badly (I’m guessing from what I heard in the last few days about fluid around her heart, not being able to breathe, and being incoherent) and before she could ever retire and leave here voluntarily.

Even I was drained dry today by all the drama.

Lioness got the call originally and said she wanted a picture of her, so I went through all our old photos on the work drive circa the 2000’s and pulled them out and sent them to everyone. Notably, a lot of folks have left since then, some have really aged (oh, my poor last guy boss...he really aged when he had kids), and one died, obviously. Also, we really haven’t done a lot of photo taking since the 2010’s started. Lioness was disappointed that I could not find any photos of her with our deceased coworker. Nothing much I can do about that one.

Someone emailed me at the end of the day saying, “Hope your 2020 is off to a good start!” Well, no.....

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