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A Happy Work Day

2019-01-24, 5:39 p.m.

I had a delightful one on one with New Boss today. I was just tickled as all hell. Not just for work related stuff, which I am doing well at, thankyouverymuch (she's into the idea of using that service for fixing mailing issues, I told her I got access to something that solves a huge issue for me and she was delighted and wants to check it out tomorrow and then mention it to all the managers in a few weeks, etc.),...

but also she said she wasn't putting me on the phones because she could tell I was still freaked/stressed every time I heard the phone rang and doesn't want me dealing with that until I am okay in general/not triggered by years of critiques. In fact, she told me to say "shut the (bleep) up" in my head repeatedly if necessary to Those People/That Voice, what have you. And that if anyone fires her it would be me and she's not going to (YESSSSSSSSS) and don't worry if someone reports on me to the head of the organization because it happens to her all the time and nobody really cares (note: easy summarization of that, but boils down to "no big deal"). And if I don't want to answer the phone and just want to call people back, go right ahead! And that she'd been bullied and been the weirdo too (I high fived for that, I believe) and it was just an awesome conversation. Like the sort I wish I could have recorded or something to listen to to buck me up later.

(Her response to my saying that, "I would deny it!" Probably because of the swearing, which I said I am totally fine with hearing, and really enjoyed hearing!)

Anyway, I am quite cheered right now about work like you would not believe. HUZZAH!

Oh yeah, and she does like being on my yarn mailing list even though she doesn't get super amounts of time to look at it, said it is fine to need to go look at something else for a few minutes. Also huzzah.

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