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2021-01-24, 9:13 p.m.

Collage club today mostly was craft show 'n tell and a meditation from Jade and then she logged off early to go watch a streaming show. She did do a follow-up on "talk to a person you want to talk to," which I appreciated. Mostly I just came out with well, comforting platitudes about waiting, more or less. I asked Jade afterwards how you can tell if anything is real or if you're just making up comforting BS and uh....yeah, I dunno on that. Other than that, talked about shows and projects and whatnot, and then Meg hung out alone with me for awhile trying to figure out dude angst. No solutions to that one really, alas, though she does think I should be making the dragon a saddle (hrm....?).

Other quotes from Meg today:
"I have stopped worrying about being crazy. My crazy's part of my adorable."
"I don't get that it's weird."

Found out from Mom today that Evan has a podcast now. He runs the "Stories on Stage" event here (I've been a few times, Meg used to go) and now it is a podcast. After I listened to three stories in a row about people having babies, I was all "Hmm....there seems to be a theme here?" Mom seems to think it's a coincidence.

At 4:30 I watched a storytelling show, "Tales From The Sea." Theme: At Wit's End.

My favorite story of the bunch was a lady who has to use her dead ex-husband's birthday on everything related to Social Security/Medicare and canNOT get anyone to fix it. She's afraid she'll get denied a ventilator because his birthday makes her sound near to 100 and they might just let her die ("just dropped off at the morgue") if she can't tell them her birthday. "I needed the help of a higher power. Not God, who wouldn't stand a chance with Social Security." Specifically, her daughter works for a congresswoman or something like that. "I waited for a month, hoping i wouldn't have a stroke or get into an accident." She finds out that changing the birthdate would mean she has to pay an enormous amount of money back. WTF? She suggests getting a tattoo of her real birthdate on herself, somewhere.

Rick Hall was also in this, telling about being a good Baptist farm boy and making out with a Methodist girl on the youth trip bus. Uses phrases like "She was eumenically cute" (whatever that word is?) and "Our fingers were DOIN I'T" for holding hands. Alas, after all that French kissing, they never hooked up again.

Per Doreen pointing it out, I am making myself go back to watching Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. It's such a good show but so hard going for me, you know?

Zoey's Extraordinary Return:
"You look like a sad Emma Stone Halloween costume." SO TRUE.
"Relax, killer, I'm not proposing. It's a shield with a little note on it." "Ok, please tell me you bought this from a magical antique dealer in Chinatown." "I actually did. Just please don't get it wet."
"Am I invisible now? No?" I am not the world's biggest Max fan but I am liking this.
"Life's not fair. Nothing makes sense. There's no meaning to any of it." -Zoey on life
Max is 'trying to create the ultimate unicorn company."
I don't remember the lyrics to "Hello Dolly," but they this context? Extra lap?! At work? Oy. Anyway, in reality literally no one cares that Zoey is back or has noticed, so that seems like a misuse of the "heart song' thing? Except for new guy, anyway. George seems like...very nervous babbler.
"Sup, Zoe, death becomes you, love the sweater," followed by a high five. I forget the Beardy One's name, but that's his greeting. (Tobin, I think?) There is literally no bar because the place is broke. Joan is interim CEO and thus promotes Zoey to exec direct of the floor.
"Could you kindly give me my dead husband's password?" "I'm happy that my grief brought you guys together. I'm a little weirded out by it?" -Max, Simon and Mo all hang out as friends now. "
So your powers are back and you're interesting again!" -Mo Mo is all "you have champagne problems" while whining about 2 hot boys and a surprise promotion, and Mo misses the at-sea boyfriend whose name I forgot already.
Zoey breaks into her dad's computer and "do you know what this testimonials thing is?" Oh no, her dad made videos back when he could still somewhat talk. He sounds SO LOCKED UP IT'S AGONY TO HEAR. And he coughs a lot. This show continues to trigger me. 'I don't want to be reminded of this right now," mom says.
(For the record, this sort of thing did not happen with my dad, he lost his ...well, quickly, I can't even remember.) Nobody can get through these. Oh, this show, so hard going for me.
"I like your sweater. It's cute that you shop at Etsy." -Joan Maggie says it was hard to hear his voice...what was left of it. George delivers a baby tiger to Tobin, who has been impersonating the in-jail CEO. I am amused at Zoey pointing her new shield in George's direction as he's singing. She snaps and starts yelling at everyone for everything. "Told you she wasn't ready to come back." Thank you, George, that was very helpful. Joan checks on her and says she's moving to Singapore (sigh).
Maggie feels bad about holding the baby when Mitch can't. They watch a bit of video for Maggie when he was having a better day. The lyrics to this "Carry On" song are...really strange if you actually listen to them? Zoey takes the promotion, promotes Leif, and tells Tobin to stop it with the hazing. George really appreciates that and calls her a superhero. Zoey kisses Max, saying you have to carry on and make choices, right or wrong.

Zoey's Extraordinary Distraction: It's sex time. "We've been hooking up for five minutes and I haven't thought about my dad once. "Maybe we should stop thinking about him?" "I could really use a grief vacation, if that makes sense." He will be her distraction multiple times. Then her mom walks in with popcorn. Can we have a rain check on TV night? Here's some popcorn in case you work up an appetite.
OH GOD JENNA, EMILY'S SISTER, IS WAY TOO PERKY. This leads into 'Poison." Uh-oh. Emily sells the shit out of singing it, though. Also, that much dancing after giving birth? "I would watch out for those two," Zoey whispers to her mom on the way out the door.
Max and Mo are working on some kind of mixed cuisine restaurant idea. Mo freaks out at the idea of signing a 4 sentence contract Max got off the Internet.
Mysteries of Zoe's all-dude job: "How does a game called Nut Punch help with productivity?" Also, their smart watches blow up on fire. I think it is suspicious that someone can get their whole long watch name out in a video. Leif also thinks Mercury retrograde might be causing it. HUH?
Oh look, it's the CEO calling in from house jail and getting drunk. Tobin suggests deepfaking. "Get out, Tobin." Simon gets a promotion out of nowhere.
Jenna is "struggling to find my way through the body art movement, which is surprisingly political."
"FIRE WRIST? You made a game out of what you're supposed to fix?!"
Mo is BLASTING OPERA AND SINGING IT. And then sings Sam Smith. Dumped again? Wow.
I would not have figured Leif to do "Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing" so well, but he really does. Daaaamn.
Mo has issues trusting partnerships. Zoey threatens that they do trust exercises. "Can I burn all your sweaters?" "I don't do trust falls." "Me neither, I don't trust them."
Back at work: "It's like a frat house." NO SHIT, LEIF. "They invented a game called Cranberry Leif in which they just throw cranberries at me." Remember when they played Snow on Zoey?
Mo's first company with a friend did not go well....and it's Mo's fault. Mo doesn't trust himself to not steamroll. "If you do decide to screw me over, I will sic your redheaded neighbor on her and you do not want her fury."
Zoey calls Max to come over and bang at her parents' after everyone else is out. I normally don't go for Skylar Astin, but the stubble thing? It's working for him. It makes him look less smarmy in the face. Max mentions that he went to "a very open minded therapist in Berkeley" to try to solve the "what if I want to heartsong during sex" problem. So wait, he told some random person about this?
Which is to say, "Take Me Out To The Ballgame!" ....and it doesn't work because he starts alternating between this and Boyz II Men. THIS IS SO WEIRD. THIS IS THE WORST MASHUP EVER AND I USED TO WATCH GLEE. Y'know, people have been banging to music for years. Just go with it. Aw, Max feels left out as to what's going on in her head. She tells him. She sings along too. (This gets weird because she's a cappella and he has background song going on and they switch back and forth.)
Max and Zoey go downstairs the next morning to find that the family has returned and we're not going to embarrass anyone because we're better than that. "Since when?" "Without women, we'd be one giant frat house," Max says. IDEA FOR ZOEY. (I will note that she briefly ran into other women in the elevator in this episode.)
"I don't get it. Why do these programmers look like girls?" OH GOD, TOBIN, STOP. Leif is transferring half the "brogrammers" to another floor and trading for ladies. "I don't know about Extreme Marker Jousting, but I'm up to play Nut Punch," says one of them. LOVING THIS.
I love Zoey's giant hair 80's makeover and bling. "Is it bad that I think I like this version of you better?" "Today I got into bed with both of my friends! I feel dirty now." -Max

Zoey's Extraordinary Dreams: Zoey is having "trapped in the house" dreams and her mom is still depressed, so Zoey won't go back to living at her apartment. Um.... can't you split the difference on the locations?
Zoey learns the joys of delegation. Tobin is assigned to work on the softball team. COED, THANK YOU TOBIN.
Maggie's client found her work boring and she feels bad. She doesn't have Mitch to bounce ideas on. Zoey attempts to assist. OH LOOK, JENNA'S STILL IN THE HOUSE. "You are totally reading my mind!" Jenna is thrilled to assist.
Yes, Simon knows from Max that Max and Zoey are together. Simon is mellow about it all.
George now has a "hard boiled egg bar." Huh? Mmm...kay....?
Max continues to be weirded out that Zoey can pick up on his thoughts but not vice versa. He like, walks out in a huff. T
obin got "Brogrammer" team jerseys with a big ol' bat penis. "You guys are seeing things that aren't there."
"The egg bar's starting to smell like sulfur."
"Thematically, it's a modern enchanted forest" is Maggie's new design. LOVE IT WITHOUT SEEING IT JUST FROM THAT.
Zoey loses it when (a) Tobin doesn't send the jerseys back, (b) breaks out into softball in the office, and (c) throw a ball into her office near her face. "SEND BACK THE SEXIST PENIS JERSEYS!!!!" "It's a Hard Knock Life" plays. (Also, Leif still just goes along with all of Tobm's stuff.) Weirdly enough, the lyrics actually work with the show right now? "Five more nightmares and you get a jacket." Zoey talks to Simon about her bad dreams and he's all, "we're members of the same sad club now." Max has no idea how to deal with Zoey being well, half asleep all the time. "Say something, I'm giving up on you" plays. I hear ya, Max. Feeling similarly. Racking my brains, I got nothing. "I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you." Great, now this show's triggering me on something else and not just dead dad shit. Though it does literally get Zoey to say something...she doesn't know what's going on with her either. She's barely present because she's sad/tired/in her head all the time and it's not fair to him.... They are pausing. "What now?" End of show.

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