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If I Had A Million Dollars

2004-01-25, 5:33 p.m.

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I rather liked Renee's entry, so uh, let's make it a meme, eh?

If I had:

$1 I would buy a candy bar, probably a KitKat.

$2 I would buy a soda.

$3 I would buy #6 of 1602.

$4 I would buy some mayo, because I suspect mine's gone bad and one of the few things around here I've got for lunch is chicken salad ingredients.

$5 I would get two bags of chips.

$6 I would buy two boxes of crackers, because I want some.

$10 I would get a couple of ebooks.

$15 I would get a chick-lit book, since most of them are around $12 or so and there's a plot idea I want to kick around. I saw something similar in a book and I want to check it out.

$20 I would get the Fray trade paperback.

$25 I would get the book Bet Me when it comes out in a few weeks.

$30 I would get a bunch of frozen food, because the freezer is nigh empty and I'm tired of eating stuff that requires actual cooking.

$40 I would get Palm Quicken.

$50 I would get season 4 of Buffy, since I'm missing that one.

$60 I would get more beads from Fire Mountain.

$70 I would get my webhosting costs for Sweet Disorder paid.

$80 I would get my domains renewed and get set up, get more space, etc.

$100 I would do a major grocery shopping spree so I don't need to go again for ages.

$150 I would get my 3WA membership renewed.

$200 I would get Dave a new PDA.

$250 I would get a new printer/scanner/copier machine.

$300 I would get a new desk.

$400 I would get a new bed.

$500 I would get a secured credit card.

$600 I would get Dave's car fixed.

$700 I would get plane tickets, hotel reservations, tickets, etc. and go with Dave to the 3WA party. (Currently, not gonna happen.)

$800 I would get tickets to go on a cruise.

$900 I would get all kinds of computer-related goods.

$1000 I would put it all away for major savings should I get laid off.

Well, this list sure is a bunch of contradictions, isn't it?

Not to mention you can sure tell that I want money right now, eh? I'm bloody starving and don't have much in the house beyond Ramen and rice to eat, and I'm tired of actually cooking every night when half the time I burn what I have. (Honestly, watching food cook is about as riveting to me as watching grass grow.) I used most of what cash I had left to buy bare necessities so I may be able to make lunch a few days next week and get toilet paper, whee, what fun. Right now I've got enough in the checking account to pay two bills and that's it. And that doesn't include being able to eat, go anywhere, or do anything. Which means I really should wait until I get paid again to pay those off (who knows when charges hit) AND take money out of my savings again just so I can eat. *sigh* I don't want to, but I need to.

I'm trying to be better. I haven't updated my Quicken in months since I got all screwed up due to vacation, so I deleted my old really-out-of-date-and-behind records to start fresh for the year. I am also debating buying Palm Quicken (see above) because the free program I use doesn't show a balance, just what I spent. God, I'm so stupid with math and balancing it all. But I think there's something wrong because I don't get why the ATM told me on Thursday that I had a certain amount of money, I have no charges since then, and now I have $10 less than I did the last day? I've got all kinds of differences from what I've got down as having spent and what the bank says I did. By the bank's account I'm broker than I should be, and by Quicken I should have more money. Fuck if I know what's going on, but dyscalculia is kicking me in the ASS. One charge I spent money on at the start of the month and it still hasn't been billed to me as far as I can tell (the site claims it went through)...fuck, I dont know what the hell is going on. I feel so stupid. No wonder I'm a cockup all the time!

I've had too much money on the brain of late. I've been reading Nickel and Dimed and finding that it reminds me way too much of Dave's job situation. I'm rather annoyed because he kept being scheduled for days where they had to be at work at 4 a.m. And of course without his car working, this meant he had to get a ride, and his ride (his dad) of course got fed up with getting up at 3 a.m., so that now means Dave only gets scheduled for nighttime jobs, which there are a lot fewer of and go till 2 a.m. Whee. Even LESS money to get the car fixed, yay! Honestly, I get sick of the whole thing. It never ends with the getting worse in one degree or another. Though reading the book made me feel like it wasn't just him and only him cursed, it's anyone in the same situation that is. I've been making notes about reading the book and putting them in my LJ, and am debating whether or not to repost them here for some possible insight into things. I'll have to see how next week goes with my starting up classes and all.

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