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The Interview

2016-01-25, 8:17 p.m.

So I had the job interview today.

I went over to Meg's this morning and played the Transformation Game some more, which turned out to be an excellent way to prepare ahead of time. I will go write this experience up and post it later, but right now I should finish updating about this experience. Anyway, for now let's just say I went in in a good frame of mind.

During the game I drew a lot of very appropriate cards for the situation, but one of the ones I came up with was "surprise." Oh boy, was I ever surprised!

Because the interview panel consisted of some folks I did not expect--namely ah, my boss... That could be good or could be bad, as you'll see below. There were some other folks that...I dunno, may not always feel super positive towards me at all times, I'll put it that way. Kinda ambiguous there. I knew three from work and the others from e-mail, so who knows there.

Anyway, generally speaking I think I did a good job--lord knows I interview well and have a great time doing this sort of thing. I actually did get to tell people what I think we need to work on in this project and how things went before vs. now and brought up Switch, which I think they sounded pretty impressed with. So that was a lot of fun for me.

On the other hand...I got asked what my greatest failure was, and several questions about customer service. (For the record: they have to ask everyone the same questions, that wasn't a personal, me-only thing.) So that's not good considering that one of the appealing things about this job is not doing customer service like I have to do now. And that two of the people there know how not good I am at that. Plus uh, see previous reference yesterday about getting in trouble again a few days ago. I was honest about saying what I work on and why and strategies and didn't claim that I've whipped this into shape, but given ah, certain facial expressions... yeah.

So I dunno there, in the end.

Anyway...they want to do SECOND interviews, I fear they may want to do this on Wednesday (interviews continue tomorrow), which would really not be the best day for me time-wise, but I won't get an option there if that's the case anyway. Supposedly they decide by the end of next week.

I don't know on this one. I'm getting good card readings, for what that's worth, but who knows.

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