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Transformation Game--All Four Levels

2016-01-25, 8:12 p.m.

Okay, so here's the earlier part of this entry I didn't get posted earlier--the recap of the second time I played the Transformation Game.

I have to say this for the Game: if you know you have a time limit on it, it by god will make sure it makes its deadline. I don't know how the thing knows I had 2-ish hours to play before I had to leave for my interview, but playing mostly alone (Meg was facilitating), I finished in an hour and 45 minutes. All four levels, no less! Very impressive.

Anyway, playing the game on this day was to do a really unusual method of interview prepping, more or less. My focus question (as posed by Meg) was: "How do I get to a place of deep serenity and feeling supported by the universe" (so that I can do well in the interview and get the job, I added in).
The overall angel of the game was Integrity, my personal angel was Freedom. I also kept drawing cards that were happily appropriate to the day, like analysis.

Notable moments in this game:

* I got to clear out a Life Setback card right off without having to take the pains--and it was the card that said, "I'm tired of waiting." Because the day is finally here, Meg said.
* After four rolls of the dice, I got to move on from the physical level to the emotional level! I was really impressed.
* On the second roll of the dice, I landed on the Miracle Transformation Life Square (note: this was the square Meg was taunting me with on the last game like "you could have landed on that, but you held on to those pains..."), which automatically promotes you to the next level! Huzzah!
* On the mental level, I ended up getting enough angels to move on to the next level, and then ended up with a card saying, “Accept the consequences of your ill timed action. Lose 5 Awareness, move down to previous level.” I didn't have any awarenesses, and had enough angels to move up. so I was thinking, "hey, I can skip that and just move on." Meg as the facilitator declared that since the card said I had to move down a level, I needed to move back down to the emotional level and after I get done with that, I could skip up to the spiritual. Dammit!
* After about four rolls and getting another angel card (Honesty) that promoted me to the next level, I also got a bunch of awarenesses. One of which was Surprise, which ended up being foreshadowing for the actual interview like whoa.
* On the spiritual level, after getting rid of some pains and accepting the unacceptable and the like, I finished the game after five rolls.

Very cool.

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