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Blue Screen of Death, Redux.

2019-01-25, 9:25 p.m.

Well, it was an interesting day today!

I think I mentioned a few weeks back that there was a temporary job being offered in an area of the office I substituted in years ago. I decided not to apply for the following reasons:

(a) I applied for a permanent job there and didn't get it, so clearly I don't have what they want.
(b) I swore after the third time that I was not going to apply for jobs here again because nobody wants me AND the social issues that come up with this suck.
(c) I figured if I did it while in this unit, there would be Drama.

And oh, there was! Turns out that half of my new unit applied for it--and ONLY people in our unit did. (Fuuuuuuuuuuck.) One of them snooped around the BigBoss's calendar, saw who was interviewing, had some kind of crying fit/breakdown or something (or so I was told, I don't come in super early in the morning so I miss whatever drama happens at 7 a.m.) and decided to withdraw her application. I don't know why, but OY. (I was told that apparently our boss said if anyone wanted to apply, go ahead, it's fine.) Of the two remaining, I don't think one of them has experience in that area, to my knowledge, and it turns out the other one did it for several years at a previous institution, so even if I'd applied I think I would have lost out there. I didn't end up talking to the first one about it, but the one with more experience was all "hey, if I get it I get it, if I don't, I don't, I'll be fine." I admire her chill aplomb.

Anyway....we shall have MOAR DRAMA over being down yet another person soon. Whee.

But other than all of that, the day was good for me. I got stuff done. I did a demo for my boss and that gave her the idea that I could use a program I use to solve someone else's issue, so that was nice. Also I left the office not all burned out and tired, so that's also a yay.

Tonight I went back to the Sacramento storytelling event--I missed the December one because I was with Mom and her flu. I had a good time. The theme was something like "moments who changed your life" and I think my favorite was the opening story about a guy saying when he was a little kid he got lost and how he got rescued by some nice people. Very sweet. There was some good poetry and a song about love turning into chains, interesting. One lady brought gratitude jars for us all, which was sweet as well.

I have been trying to decide what the hell stories I am going to tell (a) at this event if they had open mike again, and (b) what the hell I'm going to do at open tell at the Auburn Storytelling Festival tomorrow. Both have a five-minute-we're-timing-you limit and added bonus to tomorrow is that presumably I could tell something at Auburn that the few folks I know over there haven't heard out of me. Like say, I could do the "entire contents of the sea floor" story I did in Sacramento because the only one here that's heard it is Mary (the lady who puts on the storytelling half) and I asked her and she's only going to perform in the evening and presumably won't be around for the open tell in the afternoon. Or alternately, I'm thinking of bringing back my jury duty stories that I haven't done for a few years. At this point I'd like to do all three of those stints in one story, but that's about nine minutes and usually you're not allowed to do that (except at the Woodland event, but I fear I shouldn't tell jury duty stories in the county seat in case anyone knows these people. Particularly the extremely ridiculous lawyer in two of my trials.) So after listening to this week's Speak Up Storytelling podcast in which he mentioned breaking up stories into smaller parts, I was rehearsing today/yesterday about the second and third jury trials I went on and debating what to do. By themselves they're around 3 minutes apiece and that seems too short, but if I try to combine or something it gets too long...I dunno.

Buuuuuuut.... a year ago the dumbass drama with my ex ended today, and that occurred to me. And the night's story theme was "moments that changed your life." So I signed up tor open mike not really knowing what I was going to do and instead, with no rehearsal whatsoever, started telling the whole damn story about seeing him and having the blue screen of death freakout. I really enjoyed the audience's horrified reactions to that one, to be honest, particularly the guy with the timer who was delightful. And I finished off with, "It's his birthday today and I hope it sucks donkey balls!" or something along those lines. Ahem.

I dunno how thrilled I am at knowing that Robin has video of this particular one that might go up online someday, mind you, but fuck it, that ex will never talk to me again anyway so might as well set it all on fire if that happens. Also, now I am mad now that I realize that I had a complex about ME being "too needy" for so many years when it was really all HIS shit anyway.

Anyway, that was also interesting! And then inspired Mary to pick a topic for next month of "He Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, Or Vice Versa," after my angstiness. I signed up, but heck if I know what I'm going to tell now! Maybe jury duty? In my third story there is some debate over who is dating who....

I had a good time :)

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