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Lots To Watch Tonight

2021-01-28, 9:28 p.m.

Back at work again today. Nothing terribly bad happened, other than I had another one of those meetings scheduled with my boss and Grandboss again tomorrow. Two months of not getting in trouble is probably as good as I was ever going to get these days. I'm sure I did something UTTERLY HORRIBLE AND WHOPPINGLY OFFENSIVE and as usual, I can't tell what I did wrong, because I'm an idiot who should not be doing customer service and naturally offends everyone with my existence. I'm sure I deserve it, though. I always do. It probably was my harassing of the in-office staff to mail diplomas that did it. I probably did something horrendously offensive when I did that, of course. God, I hate myself so much for always being wrong and bad and not what they want.

I also discovered via buds in another office that the following emojis exist on Slack: a face crying blood, a thumb on fire, "shitstorm" and "shitshow." I sent her a GIF of Greg from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for that last one.... It's a bad sign that they've felt the need to look these things up, right?

There's a lot of viewing to do tonight! I had like three events going on and overlapping, but thankfully they're all just YouTube and I can pause and switch about and the like.

Florida Storytelling Festival is going on this weekend. Notable moments from tonight's show:
* A lady who somehow managed to turn Little Red Riding Hood into...well, an excuse to do a lot of karaoke? Like every few lines she's dropping a song title?
* There's a lady in this with the same last name as me, which is freaking rare, and she does storytelling, so I had to check. Not exactly my style...she does silly stuff with her husband, I guess is how I'd describe it?

Then I had "Side Hustle," which I watched because Rachel Bloom was gonna be in it. However....they just do a LOT OF WEIRD SHIT at the start of this? Very strange advertising for their...I don't know what the hell Dynasty Typewriter is really. Anyway, it took them about 15-ish minutes to start the show and another ten minutes to get to Rachel Bloom and her side hustles. (I really need to get to her book. I was going to do it yesterday after I finished the book I'm slogging through... hah)

She mentioned working at a summer camp with a guy who was pretending to be deaf the entire summer because he was writing a paper on it... and he started to get worse and worse throughout the summer and people started suspecting/figuring it out. ("Does every guy who pretends to be deaf buy assless chaps?" someone asked. Yes, that came up.) She later got ID'd working on a cruise ship a week after "Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury" came out. She is also working on a musical version of "The Nanny," but has to find a new collaborator after Adam Schlesinger died (waaaaaaaaah, still sad about this, dude was a genius).

Then I watched Night of Ideas SF, just to see what that's all about. I liked the giant (yet apart) hula number, with one couple's dog running through. Another brought in the baby up close and personal (kinda blocked the dance though....). There was also a nice poem. And a drag queen slo-mo number. I liked a dance number later where they showed a solo dancer on the left and a group of dancers on the right (split screen). Alice Wong talked about how now there's a lot more access for disabled people online. Dr. Bob Waschler (not sure on spelling) came on to say that the end is near and everyone should get vaccines within the next few months and things can start going back to normal by the fall. I hope. I loved the guy who makes small flower paintings and sends them to sick people.

Then about fifteen minutes into doing that, I find out that that professor I liked once upon a time is doing a lecture at 7:30 on Zoom about Margaret Atwood, so I went to go watch that. She did an entertaining rundown of Atwood's life, such as she had to have boys check out books for her in the library. (And also how annoyed she was that a kid hadn't heard of The Handmaid's Tale before the TV show.) She got into reading her books when she could find them at used bookstores as a teenager, when people were getting shot for abortions or pro-life or well, a lot of things. She also loves her love poetry, which wasn't sappy and seemed real. ("You fit into me like a hook into an eye. A fish hook. An open eye."--this is her idea of greeting cards!) Atwood also knows a lot about climate change because her family is scientists. She has a St. Margaret candle and a "don't let the bastards get you down" necklace and a Margaret doll she got on Etsy. Margaret also doesn't think anyone should be that interested in her. ("You have a society?" "Yes, and I'm not even dead!") She also objects if anyone says they are in Gilead already. "I'm hoping that the Handmaid's Tale feels a little less relevant...."

She suggested Googling for glowing kittens, which is both cute and disturbing.

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