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2004-01-29, 8:01 p.m.

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The aforementioned temp has been getting on me to apply for other jobs or at least start taking classes through the university (they offer freebies for employees). The other morning she got someone else to gang up on me too and they both started going on about how I should look for other things and make something of my life.

Kind of depressing, in a way, when there still aren't jobs out there I'd be eligible for beyond this anyway. However, I did take one of their points and looked at the free class listings. I signed up for one class that's supposed to be about doing what you love for a living- to be honest, I doubt that really fits much with employment here or that anyone would want to pay me much for being art-farty, but what the hell. I also signed up for this career development seminar that my other coworker recommended that's supposed to make you take the Meyers-Briggs and all of those kinds of tests. However, those classes aren't until March and April, so it'll be awhile.

I am also looking into taking the free computer classes. They offer a LOT of useful stuff (I identified 8 possible subjects to take!), but you're only allowed to take 4, my boss said, and most of them are offered in 2-part series. I'm not sure what to go with yet.

As for my online classes, I have finally managed to finish all of my homework. (Applause, applause.) The writing stuff wasn't too bad, relatively speaking, though one of them was to write about metaphors and I don't like them. And much to my surprise, the teacher for the finance class posted on the message board some folderol about how he had to write down homework assignments ahead of time but the homework he REALLY wanted done he'd post on the message board instead of the lesson. Which makes no sense to me, but whatever, I'm just happy I didn't have to plan out my entire financial future for homework. Instead we had a discussion question about whether or not it's a good thing for companies to hire the unemployed as unpaid interns. (Since I've managed to get hired that way, I said sure.) And I just managed to finish my CSS homework tonight, which hopefully doesn't suck. Now I'm all cleared out for another week.

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