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Back In The Saddle Again

2007-01-29, 3:33 p.m.

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Back in my town again.

First day at work:

* got condolences from two people, one of them being the HR lady.
* signed FMLA leave paperwork.
* got a whole lot of e-mails saying, "Could you check this, and uh, you never got back to me about the other record I sent you to check too...." Which I obviously didn't read since I was gone and all, and couldn't set up the autobounce thingie on webmail. Oh well.
* deleted tons of spam.
* checked a billion e-mails.
* proofread Dad's obituary that Mom sent me in e-mail. Despite the fact that I've told her that AP style does NOT let you say "passed away", she insists on it. Grr. (I hate that term. It sounds like "passed gas," and then I start thinking about corpse disposal in "Brave New World." I think this entire train of thought is far worse than just saying "died.")
* had the program I was working in crash somewhat (i.e. it doesn't crash, but sends up error messages EVERY 30 SECONDS, I AM NOT KIDDING), a lot. All morning.
* wondered, "Where the hell is my condolence card? Aren't they supposed to give me one at work? I know I had to sign everyone else's when they went through...?"
* talked to my coworker.

(I should clarify that my entire section of the office, with the exception of one guy so far, has had a dead/dying parent issue going on for the last few years. At this point, now that I'm out of it, that leaves one fellow still in hell. His mom has cancer and he ended up being out for around as long as I was out for her having back surgery. So we ended up having a compare-n'-contrast chat about things. He asked if it was a relief to have it all over with, and I said yes. He is looking forward to that as well.)

* went out at lunch to get my mail/get my mail off hold status.
* returned to find a plant, the aforementioned condolence card, and a $40 gift certificate to the yarn store!

My first thought on the plant was, "Yay, I got a plant!" The second thought was, "I hope I don't kill it."

I am still wondering about the gift certificate. Because it was signed with the name of someone I know at the yarn store, but on the other hand, I haven't seen her since early December or so. Not to mention, how the heck would she have known where I work, down to the desk, even, to drop it off (during her work hours)? So....still kinda confused on that.

But the thought is appreciated, and I need to think of what I shall buy :)

I am not feeling too attractive of late. I have a billion fucking chin zits right now. This has been going on since the deathwatch notice came down, but since I was out of town one way or another for all of that time, I didn't really care. However, it is damned annoying to have 4 new zits per day now that I am back where uh, everyone knows my name. And covering up with makeup only goes so fucking far. Grrr. I about panicked when I couldn't find the pressed powder compact this morning.

And since I have spent what adds up to a solid month of NOT being able to go to the gym (except for a week in between Death Stuff), I have managed to gain back every single fucking pound it took me nine months to lose in 2005. Waaaaaaaaah. I sure as fuck couldn't exercise (I have spent every day except for those in theme parks in the car, in the house, or the hospital- walking around hasn't even been an option), but still.

So: first thing is, go back to the gym. Yay for gym.

I've got a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of stuff I need to get done. Read the entire damn Internet, for one. Write a katrillion book reviews, for another. Write, period, for a third. I'm pretty annoyed that I WON'T get this weekend in which to do any of it (whee, memorial service), but...maybe next week.

As for the Disneyland trip...I had a blast. We really needed that. I will hopefully be writing that up soon, not to mention getting something like 300 pictures off of my camera.

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