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Why I'm Cranky Lately.

2006-01-30, 12:25 p.m.

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It's just sad when you have to give your mom the "No, just because he hasn't called you in 2 days and he said he would DOES NOT MEAN he is hurt, sick, or injured and thus needs a check-up call" speech. Not to mention the "Don't call him, let him call you, because if you call him up all panicked it won't go over well and you will feel like a moron" speech.

Every time I have to have this kind of talk with Mom, it's like, "Oh yeah! This is why men are not worth it!"

(For the record, he called her. He was "just busy with work." She cried. Gah.)

In case you haven't guessed, I had to go home this weekend. This was frustrating. Mainly because I am sick to death of thinking about and worrying about my housing situation, and she can't stop herself from bringing it up. When we were sitting in the car going home from the hospital and she started bitching that I had to start talking to entertain her in the car, and I said that I had nothing else to say that I hadn't already said in the last few days. So she HAD TO bring it up, and this led to screaming and crying and STOP PUSHING ME! events, and I felt like roadkill even after the fight died down. Whee.

For the record, here are the problems I am worrying about at least 23 hours a day:
(a) Management being slow like ass about repairs
(b) Management being...weird. I can't say more there, but it's not good.
(c) I have someone interested in living with me, but I am afraid he (yes, he- I will elaborate if this actually occurs later) will see the joint tonight and run out screaming
(d) If he is interested in moving in, adjusting to living with someone again
(e) If he's not, feeling all embarrassed about it
(f) Whether or not to move out of my complex next year
(g) Whether or not to stay in my complex, but give up on the roommate thing and get a single
(h) Whether or not to try to get a roommate next year, whether I move or not
(i) Am I too old to get a roommate any more, because students want to live with students and everyone out of school is shacking up?
(j) Where the hell would I move if I move, anyway?
(k) And where am I getting the money for that?
(l) Especially with Mom harassing me for money?

This is why I haven't wanted to update the journal lately. I don't even want to think about this any more. Any decision I make is going to make my life worse at the moment. Arrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhh.

In other news, I am taking a computer class today. This is frustrating because once again I drew this one instructor. Now, he's a nice person and everything, but I don't learn well from him, to the point where I think it's just a waste of money to send me to one of his classes.

He's REALLY obsessed with keyboard shortcuts because they make him all speedy. What this translates into in class is that if you blink, he's got something new on the screen that you missed seeing how it came up All. The. Time.

And honestly, I am not going to intuitively remember that control + v = paste. What part of a V has anything to do with PASTE? Uh, it does not. Even worse are the "control + alt + whatever" shortcuts. Fuck, if I have to remember three keys, I'll find it faster with the damned mouse already!

Oh, and if you read Something Positive... ouch, just ouch. All I can think reading that is "nightmare coming."

(If you don't read the comic, the guy character has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Makes it worse here, no?)

Mom said last night something along the lines of, "You know what it's like when every single week, things just don't get any better?"

Can you see why I'm cranky lately?

At least January, the worst month of the year, is almost over. Then after Valentine's Day, it'll all go up from there.

Well, except for the dying dad situation, and the housing situation.


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