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More Pruning, Still Have Stuff

2011-01-30, 8:53 p.m.

Another weekend, another weekend of cleaning.

This weekend's goals were to:
(a) clean out my closets and find clothes to get rid of.
(b) go through my fabric stash and get rid of some of it.
(c) go through my way-piled-up magazine stash and get rid of some of it.

The magazines, alas, aren't done. I went through all of the old Entertainment Weeklys and am now working my way through the bimbo girl magazines for collage pics or whatever. It's taking longer than I thought. The living room is back to being a mess again :P

Two out of three ain't bad. I finished going through ALL of the closets (uh, three) and four dresser drawers and came up with two boxes of clothes to get rid of. This seems like a lot, but in reality, it just means that the drawers aren't quite as stuffed any more. My bedroom, however (other than the two boxes of Random Stuff, I'm not even going to start worrying about those until the end of the process), is the cleanest it's ever been since uh, the last flood.

When it came to the fabric stash, I made up two large bags of fabric to dump at the Craft Center scrap bin, and pruned myself down to two small crates of fabric stash. I did, however, discover that I could fill an entire large box with the T-shirts that I acquired over the years to cut up and make into things. I had a lot more of those than I do of fabric. Uh-oh. I haven't done any T-shirt stuff for most of the last year, it way piled up. I think I need to suck it up and make a quilt already of the ones that I just want for the logos (i.e. half the box). I don't much like to quilt, it's kind of huge for me to work with, but I should do some kind of town memorial quilt with all of those shirts, for when I move. Beats me when I'll have time to do that--when the cleaning gets done I suspect it'll be spring and uh... shit hits fan.

And after having THAT thought, I felt very sad, like I was moving already, and started to think of all of the stuff I'd have to give up THEN. And in between that sadness was, "How the fuck am I ever going to move?"

Adding to the fun, my apartment complex has now decided to force the "will you be here next year" decision from mid-March to oh, RIGHT EFFING NOW and can you sign a lease ASAP, please? This gives me the freaking wiggins. I really don't want to have to tie into a lease from right now until September 2012, and then have to worry about what the hell I am going to do when it comes to moving. Break the lease? I absolutely can't get a month-to-month in this town, and I don't know if I can time the move to when the lease runs out. Especially when they want you to commit in the fucking winter everywhere. ARGH.

Normally I am DEFUCKINGLIGHTED to have January end every year, but this year I'm thinking, "okay, what's going to be February's disaster?"

Next weekend: on to dealing with the yarn stash and actually cleaning up the craft room.

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