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A Shitty Truth

2019-01-30, 9:17 p.m.

Was in a somewhat less asstastic mood today, though I got to hear a lot about the transferring coworker. They will be hiring a temp on Monday, thank goodness, but we have to have a big meeting to transfer all of her work around on Friday. It’s now breakfast potluck and I managed to find her favorite mini-bagel bites with cream cheese in Safeway, so that is cool. However, she’s applied for the permanent job and it sounds like she’s highly likely to get it, so she’s outta here for good and we shouldn’t count on her returning even if we temporarily don’t hire for the full position yet again. .

Seriously, you do public service for like, less than three months and you’re already out and on to better things? YOU LUCKY. I tried applying elsewhere for years and got nowhere, but she’s so spectacular that for her it’s easy. She actually likes work and is happy in general and ready to go and learn more things. And she has more qualifications than anyone.

Of course I am comparing myself to her and feeling like a loser, which I should. Certain people in this office, myself included, would like to move on but none of us can get anywhere and we are just not good enough to get hired elsewhere.

On a related note, I finally talked to Mom again for the first time in about two weeks--she has been busy with her boyfriend, but is kind of cranky because she got a 20 cent raise at work and wasn’t allowed to go back to temporary full time until February. She is not feeling valued at work and of course she’s not valued at work. Duh. There’s nothing you can do to feel better about a shitty truth there.

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