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So Sick Of January

2020-01-30, 11:26 p.m.


Not much to say today other than I heard from Robert asking what the word was with karaoke. He passed on that he heard that Matthew’s gig on Wednesday nights was ending after tonight, but he did not know if it was canceled on him or if he quit it. I asked if “you guys got into Singing In The Rain?” and he said he did not audition but Laurel got a callback. No word on Scott there, hm. I reported that Matthew has supposedly moved to Brentwood and and his mom moved to Redding.


I am still undecided as to whether or not I am going to bother to audition to play Mary in Pride and Prejudice this weekend (at a theater that wasn’t into me before, but it’d be a different director. And I don’t like the part, but at least it’s a nerd role), especially what with my current hair color. But they require a headshot and resume, so I worked on my theater resume today with a bit of assistance from Melinda. We’ll see how that goes.

I went to meditation class at work today and one of my coworkers in scheduling (Lisa) tagged along. On the way back, I asked her if she liked scheduling and much like a lady I interviewed with for a job awhile back, said, “I don’t mind it...” Compared to her previous social-worker-type job, anyway. I said it used to be a much happier department before there was 100% turnover and I used to want to work in there, but not any more. She agreed with that. We discussed how a former coworker from there said that she’d gotten “bored” after a few years and Lisa said, “when do you have the time to get bored?” Then we discussed how my former team, the Shark Tank, comes off as very unpleasant to other units as well, apparently. So it’s not just me, eh?

In other news, or non-news because my life is boring and blah this week, I found out that there is a podcast of women who live out what self-help books tell them to do for a month. I must listen to this because I have been vaguely pondering doing such!

Only one more fucking day of January and then it’s over for another year. I was hoping this would be a better month, but no dice. I’m tired of having no mojo, being too cold to dress up, not having plans after work every night like usual (okay, so I have two nights off a week now, but it’s STILL WEIRD for me) and not wanting to do much of anything. So sick of all of this.

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