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Homeland Security, Finally

2006-01-31, 12:03 p.m.

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All right! For once we've got good news around here!

(Especially after yesterday's whiny-ass entry.)

Anyhoo, the potential roommate (Ian) came over last night and loved the place. He didn't even mind (at all!) that they haven't fixed certain things around here. Said a too-perfect apartment was disturbing and he likes to fix things up. (Which he did- he fixed this Chinese screen I got from Jess in like 30 seconds.) So, yay! Not scared off! He's going to bring over a big TV and tons of weird movies! And it'll be a apartment full of crafts!

Yup, he's a craft person I met at the CC. We've been on shift together twice and had a good time. He had to move back home after college, but just got a job here, well... probably shouldn't talk about someone else's job, but let's just say it has something to do with the title of this entry, only on a ludricrous scale. But hey, if they pay you for that, why not?

Plus his girlfriend (another CC chick) lives on the next block. So it's all good for hanging out and stuff.

This is exciting! Hopefully management will get off their arses and facilitate this moving along ASAP, since his new job starts on Monday.

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