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2005-02-03, 10:06 p.m.

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Last night was a good night at the ol' CC.

Anyone still remember that gallery I was having my jewelry in, the one that closed? Well, I ran into Stuart last night (the guy who got me involved in the whole thing), and he gave me back my jewelry from it, as well as a (consolation) present from Choi (the gallery contact), a interesting tile piece.
Even more interesting, he mentioned the possibility of getting into another gallery in Sacramento that Choi knew of. Which was very flattering. If you read that description of Stuart's work, and you've seen any of mine, you can probably figure out why he likes mine- nobody else does it!

I also got all my glass fusing pieces from the weekend back. Almost all of them came out useable and awesome (though the worst of my pieces had the pendant hook screwed up, but meh, no big deal), though I will need to use the grinder to file down some rough edges when I'm in the CC over the weekend. I have a lot of cool-looking pendants up here. It's all very exciting. I am such a little glass whore, and I'm happy to find a glass craft I can do without needing a babysitter for part of it.

Last night's shift was pretty dang busy, but interesting. A new manager got hired at the CC to take over textiles, so we were all chatting with her about interesting things. One of the guys on my shift is madly in love with quilting (yes, you read that right) and has been really ticked off the quilting class filled up before he could get into it. Well, he talked to the new manager about quilting stuff last night, and they worked out something where he could get a lab orientation and compare techniques, and he was all thrilled. I just love the CC and how you get stuff like guys quilting there. (Or for that matter, knitting, which is what the other guy on my shift is taking right now.) It is so awesome and everyone there is fascinating.

While I continue to yak about people at the CC, it turns out the other girl on my shift is going to be moving literally down the street from me in September- she's renting a house that's on the next block over from mine. Both of us seemed to find this pretty exciting. We ended up talking about how it always seems like you have a few friends and then a bunch of people you hang out with circumstantially, but somehow you never get together outside of those circumstances. I was surprised someone in college had those feelings- I figured that was a out-of-college thing. But, hey, you never know, I guess. Maybe someday we would hang out. Who knows? She and her boyfriend are people I get along with during our hours of hanging out on Wednesdays, after all...

That's part of why I'm an activity-oriented girl, I guess. You usually meet such interesting people in classes, and there's a certain camaraderie going on. The people in my dance class are all pretty chatty, CC classes usually are, etc. But moving that somehow difficult.

Random current events announcements: I think I'm over being semi-sick! The sore throat finally went away! Yay! Maybe I'll go try the step class again tonight, now that my throat is recovered.

And on February 1, the weather miraculously became almost springlike. It's hovering around the 60's all day this week, which has been great. I'm loving not wearing major layers every day, and even remembering that I own skirts. (Which is good, considering the major work stuff going on this week. I'm getting people asking why I'm all dressed up all of a sudden.)

I went back to step class tonight night (with Marian, the girl I mentioned who got me into it), and I did much better this time. Wasn't completely dying through it. Though I must admit there's a certain point in the class where one just starts falling off the step or forgetting the difference between left and right or just losing all coordination whatsoever... Kind of nervewracking that I can still do that after umpteen years of dance classes.

And I finally heard from Jess, wanting to get together this weekend. Yay!

So, I got a solar report done for my birthday year. I'd already gotten one through (which, if you're gonna pay for something, gives you GREAT service, I must say. They get things to you in a timely manner, sent me my report again when there was a screwup, and they throw in extra over what you asked them for) that gave a "here's influences that are going to happen on every day for a year and a half", 200-ish page report. The one I just got was one that gave more general summaries in an easier-to-read format.

She threw in my solar report for 2004-2005 as well as 2005-2006 that I'd asked for, which was great because now I can look back on the last year and see what played out and what didn't.

Here's some stuff from 2004/2005. Anyone think this sounds familiar?

"Solar Return Ascendant Aquarius:
This will be a very unusual year. It brings different circumstances and experiences and changes in your daily routine. You will have a strong desire for more freedom. You may surprise others around you with changes in your normal, everyday behavior due to the influence of Uranus. You will feel the need for space and a lot of freedom of movement. Anyone or anything that stands in your way will not be tolerated. You are not willing to accept any kind of compromise and you will rebel against what you determine to be undue pressure to conform to the wills of others.
You will be thinking more toward the future than to the present or the past. Your creativity will increase and you will conceive ideas and projects that will be of great value to you in the years to come. You will be looking at what has up to now been important to you and want to discard some of it because your interests are changing at this time and you will be drawn to the new and unusual.
It will be a good year for social relationships and friendships. It also favors participation in group activities, clubs or committees that you may have thought of joining before, but have not acted upon. In spite of your sociability, tension may develop between you and people who may try to limit your freedom.
Actually, this is not the best year for forming any permanent, binding unions unless you are by nature this Aquarius kind of person. In spite of the complications you may experience this year, you can be sure it will not be dull.

Solar Return MC Scorpio:
This year will bring a transformation of your objectives and goals. You will probably have several professional interests and you will be making plans for your future. This desire for change could be both conscious as well as subconscious. In general, this influence doesn't bring easy changes. On the contrary, there will be certain obstacles that will test your own strength of will and courage. But at the same time, you could receive favors and support from friends and associates, or the public in general.
In any event, you will encounter some different, strange and mysterious supernatural events. It is probable that your interest in these subjects will increase, and you could come in contact with people who share the same interests.
During this year, you could be intensely concerned about your inner or spiritual growth. It could be a critical time when you will explore things you had never been interested in before. Subjects like dying, near-death experiences, life after life, past lives and other similar subjects will attract your attention.
Your home will be more sound and stable now, and it will become your place of refuge and rest."

"Sun in 3rd house:
This solar position favors your mind and your intellect. It is a good time to begin or complete studies. You will be longing for knowledge and it is important that you satisfy this need. During this period you may take some special courses, read books, attend conferences, or participate in study groups which cover subjects that interest you. If you have literary inclinations, it could be a very productive year.

Sun square Asc:
During this period your energy will increase a lot. However, you might use it ineffectively. You could use your energy trying to impose your will on others or fighting with people who try to dominate you. You could also become more selfish and rigid in your way of thinking. Your interests and desires will probably collide with those around you. Be careful to act in good conscience. Your personal vanity or your excessive pride will be your enemy during this time. You will blame everything on others because you won't be able to recognize and acknowledge your own errors.
The relationship with your father, or with other people who represent a certain type of authority, will be difficult. You will feel unjustly imposed upon. You will find it very difficult to live peaceably with others during this year.

Sun sextile Saturn:
During this year you will put your life in order."
Ummmmm.... "Your energy will be used in a practical manner and your efforts will be rewarded positively. Your concentration will increase and you will be very objective and realistic, which will enable you to advance in a concrete way and on solid ground. During this time you could review your work habits and decide to discard those that are negative and incorporate new habits that improve you as a person. One of the qualities that will stand out is your ability to persevere against any obstacles.
In addition, because of your great desire at this time for stability in your life, you might want to invest in furniture or improvements in your home."
Well, I kinda got forced into that... "The actions you take during this year will benefit you a great deal in later years. Studies or intellectual work that requires a maximum of concentration and attention to detail will also be very favored.

Sun sextile Uranus:
Your creativity will increase considerably and it will be reflected positively in your activities. During this year you will be attracted to new and out of the ordinary activities. You will be interested in studying such disciplines as science, technology, or astrology."
Ya think?!?! "Your intuition will increase and will be your best guide when called on to make decisions. If you are attracted to the occult sciences, you will spend more time studying these subjects in depth during this year and also could develop your powers of perception.

Solar Return Moon in 5th house:
In addition, your physical attraction and personal magnetism will increase, which could bring romantic adventures. You will be drawn to seek out a life of pleasure and will want to have a good time all year. Other people will court you and you will receive countless invitations. This could cause trouble if you are in a committed relationship. You will also express your emotions in a more dramatic manner.
Your creativity will also increase. Search for ways in which you can express this energy that will enrich your daily life. If you have artistic talents, you will have a very productive year.
This astrological influence could also announce the arrival of a baby. In the chart of a woman, there is a clear possibility of pregnancy."
Um.... yeah. That ain't happening. And frankly, reading that "Hey, you could get pregnant!" thing makes me very glad I've been off the sauce all year.

"Moon quincunx MC:
You will feel dissatisfied with your professional achievements and may want to make changes in your work, which might not be very beneficial. You will be more in touch with your subconscious mind, and therefore your opinions and decisions will be based on your mood rather than on logic. It is important to think long and hard about your goals so that you don't make rash decisions which will lead to future regrets. There is the possibility of encountering opposition from women in your work environment."
True enough, that.

"Asc on 4th natal house:
Your attention will be on your home. You probably will make some changes in your home or could even change your residence."
Well, temporarily...

"Solar Return 4th cusp Conjunct natal Venus:
You will probably have the desire to make some changes which will make your home more attractive, including shopping for new furniture."
Again, got forced into that...

"Mars in 5th house of Solar Return:
You will show a lack of discipline in getting things done which will result in your having difficulty carrying out tasks that require patience and perseverance. Since your energy level will be quite high, it would be good to be involved in some kind of physical activity or competition. If you practice some sport, you will get great pleasure and satisfaction from it. If you don't have a favorite activity, it would be advisable to find one that interests you in order to burn up your extra energy."
That explains the gym thing.

"Saturn in 5th house of Solar Return:
Your concerns and responsibilities during this year will tend to overshadow your romantic life. You may become more detached and uninterested in pursuing your normal social life. If you are not involved with anyone at this time, you will find it difficult to meet anyone, especially for a serious relationship. It is important that you not repress your emotions, and that you express your feelings as naturally as possible. It will be difficult to find satisfaction in any personal involvement at this time because responsibilities will be your priority."

"Solar Return 8th house on 11th natal house:
You will make profound changes in your goals and future plans. You will be letting go of some of your old dreams and generating new ones. You will find that friends and associates will be a strong influence in guiding you through this transformation. You will be able to count on them for help. On the hand, this influence could also mark the loss of a friend."
True on both counts. Sigh.

"Solar Return MC on 1st natal house:
You will achieve your goals by using your own will power. You will take personal action in realizing your objectives during this year. You could begin a new course of study or a new business, or develop new ideas and projects through which you can advance personally and professionally. You will receive help and guidance from others and opportunities could come to you without searching for them. Many of your goals will be realized successfully during this period.

Solar Return llth house on 2nd natal house:
You will become more widely known and will develop new friendships with people who will offer you the opportunity to begin new business relationships. Your friends will be instrumental in improving your financial situation, providing other astrological influences don't work against it."
Well, I made attempts at that, at least, before I got too tired and bummed out.

"Pluto in 11th house of Solar Return:
Your social life will be transformed this year. You probably won't associate with the same friends you have always had and will make new friendships. The people you meet during this period will have a strong influence on your future and will turn your thinking in a different direction, and, consequently, bring changes into your life.
You also might participate in some group activity that will have a therapeutic effect on you. These meetings could help you to confront facets of your own character you hadn't recognized before. Under this influence, you could also get involved with associations or groups that are working on social reform.
Your goals, hopes, and wishes for the future will be different, and you will find yourself losing interest in certain relationships. It is advisable to maintain flexibility and patience during this time as there could be very unexpected and sudden changes in your social life."
Can't disagree with that.

"Solar Return Pluto Conjunct natal Neptune:
The changes and transformations that occur around you will confuse you or will arouse fears and insecurities deep inside you. You may try to escape or run away from the tense situations you become involved in because you are not willing to participate consciously in your own transformation."
Can't deny that one either, ahem.

And then there's next year, but we'll get into that another time, shall we?

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