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Memorial Weekend

2007-02-05, 11:08 a.m.

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So, we had the memorial service on Saturday. It went well. Not a big sad sobfest, yay.

I'd have to say what made the whole thing was the video slideshow. Especially the funnier photos of Dad in plaid pants on a plaid recliner, Dad wearing HOT PANTS (hello!), Dad sitting with a big pout on a bench next to a big fat teddy bear with a big pout...

Let's just say it's a good thing I got to see it for the first time before the service started, because otherwise I wouldn't have restrained myself from making comments.

Afterwards at the reception, I barely got to eat or drink anything, and Mom didn't much at all, because we were too busy talking to people. I heard from people at Dad's work, got introduced to Mom's friends, ran into the mom of a girl I went to dance school with and got all excited to see her...did a lot of talking, basically.

It was good to see the folks from Dad's work, because all things considered, I think most of the non-family at the service were either Mom's friends or people who had only known Dad towards the end. We had one speaker, Uncle Bruce, during the "who wants to talk" segment. The rest of the family didn't want to talk, including Mom and me, and I just don't think most people had anything they could say. Some people did go up to me and tell me after the fact what they wanted to say, though. Which was nice.

I also ended up in a longish discussion with Laurie about "what the hell is going on with M and his girlfriend?" Yup, she figured it out. I told her to talk to Mom about it, because I sure as hell don't have an explanation of it either. I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that conversation, since I am refusing to go back to the Bay Area again until the home remodeling is done.

After all of that was done, all of Dad's side of the family went out for Chinese food and hung out in general. We went over to D&B's house before that and ah, people had whiskey shots. Yes, I had one when Mom was out of the room. I can't believe I ever got the thing down, as I've never managed to take a shot before. Of course, the second I manage it (very dribbly), Ron yells, "Oh, you have so done that before!" It didn't help either that I started giggling afterwards.

I also found out that Uncle Bruce is just as bad about marital harassment of Janelle as he is of me. Maybe he's just against anyone being single over the age of 18, period, I dunno. But you'd think the fact that she's still trying to deal with her husband's death might give her a little leeway. Nope, it does not. Janelle's response was along the lines of, "Look, I'm only just starting to notice men again, and I'm working on actually leaving my house."

It went well, all things considered.

Now Mom moves on to remodeling the house. Which is still filled with tons and tons of crap, and I don't think there is any way she is getting it ALL moved out of the way before the start date on Wednesday (even if she could take off work, which she can't). I am refusing to go home during any of that crap. Besides, I need some time at home on weekends to catch up on my television watching, dammit. (You laugh, but my shrink was all for it.)

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