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2008-02-04, 4:12 p.m.


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Well. Today, my skirt fell off at work in front of my boss and one of the computer guys. It was just like ballet performances again!

Actually, I wasn't terribly fazed when it occurred. My own damn fault, really, for wearing the skirt I just made without having sewn on the buttons and pinned it on instead (can't find the buttons). But it was a rare non-frigid, non-raining day, and I wanted to wear the thing while I could, and I'm not making it to a fabric store until March at the rate my schedule is going.

And when you've had your skirt, shoe, hair doodah, etc. fall off on stage during ballet recitals for years, you're really not going to care unless you went commando that day, which I had not. I still had on black leggings and black dance shorts on underneath in lieu of installing a lining in it.

That said, my boss going, "You're naked!" at that point in time was a

In other news, I got a rune reading for Imbolc, which was new to me because both me and the reader in question deal primarily in tarot. I have a few rune sets (most of which I made myself a few years ago when I was more obsessed with Sculpey), but never knew much about the whole throwing of them thing. Interesting to know. Anyway, it came out to: you're uncertain, you're totally blocked, and the block isn't going to end any time soon.


Today's AstroBarry horoscope pretty much sums it up:

"TAURUS (April 20-May 20): In the cushiony prison of our own minds, many of our most cherished goals and dreams can sound quite silly, not to mention ridiculously unrealistic. And I'm sure this last piece—'realism' and whatever we may (falsely) assume falls into that category—is an especially relevant consideration for you, Taurus, being the ultra-super-grounded pragmatist that you are. But there's nothing particularly 'realistic' about taking the too-almighty-and powerful position of deciding in advance, totally enclosed within your own self-referencing frame, what likely will or will not happen out in our wide wondrous world. If anything, it's a bit self-aggrandizing, don't you think? Reality, after all, is something we all must mutually agree upon… and maybe, just maybe, what you think couldn't possibly be brought to manifestation might be something somebody else thinks is well within reach. You, however, would never know that, as long as you stay silent about what you want a chance at achieving. If you crave a bigger role in a professional setting or out in the community, the number-one most important step to getting there is to simply be more direct. Explain what you bring to the table, what you may be lacking, and what you hope could happen, given the right collaborations, resources and support. Once others understand where your ambitions lie—and how your advancement would also boost the whole team—they'll gladly bump you up a notch, if it's under their power, or turn you in the right direction however they can. It's only a matter of widening your idea of 'reality'."

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