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The New Guy Is So Sweet

2019-02-04, 9:11 p.m.

I heard back from the professor--she loved the sweater photo and is interested in being friends!

Now what happens?

Scheduling, I suppose?

In other news, I mentioned the coworker who is switching into another job, presumably permanently. Well, she is pretty much trading places with the temp that was working in that section, which works out well for everybody.

Anyway, the new fellow is very nice! Has two master's degrees, used to be a stockbroker, drove cross-country after college to move to CA, has three little girls he adores and does "the night shift" while his wife works nights at a hospital and OMG IT'S JUST ALL SO CUTE YOU CANNOT BELIEVE HOW CUTE THIS IS. I am heartened that he is a Good Dude. I figured he was, but it's nice to have it so thoroughly confirmed.

I did think "Good lord, he is way too good for this joint," though. Should be interesting to see what he moves on to someday since he's pondering going for the PhD except he's not so into teaching, or maybe be an advisor to students or whatall else. Also he's very good at math. I feel a little bad that he's doing this kind of job, but I don't know what the situation is and while he's here I think we're lucky to have him.

Anyway, talking to him was very sweet, am happy to have him as a cube neighbor for the time being.

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