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It's Next Weekend?! What?!

2009-02-06, 2:05 p.m.

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So, yeah, haven't updated this at all. I am too busy updating the craft blog INCESSANTLY of late, trying to do everything I want to do and wasn't able to get to during the fall.

Right now I am kind of on overload mode again. Partly it was my own fault, like suddenly becoming obsessed with spinning 1000+ yards of my own yarn and thinking, "I need to work on my CC show, which is now a year and a half off, OMG", and wanting to cram in knitting a lot of stuff.

The other part is being all, "Oh, FUCK, that conference I am presenting at" (twice!) "is NEXT BLOODY WEEKEND OMG OMG."

(Though on the other hand, this will be the first Valentine's Day I have actually looked forward to in...well, god only knows. Hopefully it will be so busy I forget it's one of my least favorite days of the year, or I'll be surrounded by friendly hippies who love everyone and don't care. Hah.)

We are not at all prepared for the group presentation right now. Haven't done shit about it. To be fair, of the four of us who "took point" on this, one had an ordination going on, one is in law school and is only somewhat participatory on it by now, and the third has a sick husband at home (and odds are fairly low she'll be allowed to go at all next week, I suspect...somehow hubby is always well enough for HIS events but not hers), so it's not like I've been able to get a meeting going.

Oh yeah, and THEN there was the "oh, hey, weren't we going to make group T-shirts for that?!" As of...yesterday. So I have been frantically worrying about that too. Not to mention making SURE that my friend who is a better screenprinter than I am (I can do the setup of the screen, but I'm bloody terrible at applying the paint in any decent looking manner) can actually like, DO that work. Of course, hubby has a birthday this weekend so that cuts meeting time for her too. But at least it looks like I won't have to go out and do the shirt-shopping, so there's that.

So basically we are going to cram in shirt making AND the meeting AND getting supplies for the meeting in tomorrow or nothing. ARGH. OVERLOAD.

As for my own speech, I have been working on it off and on, but I still want to finish reading a book on the subject, AND type up notes from a few other books, AND I still need to figure out if I am going to attempt to do PowerPoint on a slow laptop, or do printouts, or uh...yeah, I have no idea.

Even sillier is that I wanted to have certain things knitted/crocheted for the conference itself (there is a "show off your fiber arts" panel). To be fair, most of that's done now, but two things need finishing off.

My T-shirt class is supposed to run the weekend after this conference. I think I am actually glad nobody has signed up (and is unlikely to between now and then) because I will need some KEEL OVER AND DIE TIME.

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