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So, How Was The Super Bowl?

2011-02-06, 7:48 p.m.

So, how was the Super Bowl? I have no effing idea, my rabbit ears refuse to tune in Fox any more.

So yeah, it was a quiet day for me. Most of the weekend was, once again, spent cleaning. Though I did do a little book shopping (shame, shame, but I did find two books that explain a topic I have issues with pretty well), grocery store, gym, and oh, Merry dyed my hair temporarily red for me. I think I've missed being a redhead, though I'm not good on maintenance on such things (hence the temporary).

This weekend's boring cleaning report: the craft room! I now have 6 or 7 boxes of Random Stuff to go through last, and otherwise organized the various patterns I have around the house, notes from cons, put the knickknacks away, organized the craft books and magazines, and it's a lot cleaner now. I went through most of the yarn and made piles of crap free yarn to give away, though I still need to go through the living room yarn stash and clean up the yarn that is currently trying to eat each other.

Giveaway pile: yet ANOTHER bunch of fabric after I found another box of it, a few misc. craft items, and two bags of ugly or defective yarn.

Going through this stash made me realize that after I go through the magazines (STILL DOING THIS, and I forgot that there's another stash in the living room buried under a pile that needs to be gone through), I need to just rip out the articles that I like and put them into a binder.

It's all rather overwhelming. And the lovely spring-in-February weather we're having this weekend (I don't know why, but there will be a few days in February every year where it is flat out springtime weather before it goes back to cold/foggy/wet), it was sure hard to stay the hell indoors doing work!

I have had a stressful week. This weekend was easier, or at least I had my mind off of the OMGIWILLGETCANNED stuff more than usual.

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