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2020-02-07, 6:51 p.m.

I spent most of my day dealing with my “favorite” clientele, which now has even more problems than usual. And the lone tech person in my giant org who can do anything was out sick boss sent a complaint to somebody or other about how that’s a horrendously bad idea. Also, since we are even lower on people than usual, we are back to the idea of hiring a temp again.

Also, I have scrapped all ideas about moving when I found out that my apartment is still cheaper than almost all other apartments.

But during the day, Robert got an idea to have everyone go bowling (place also has an arcade), so we ended up doing that. It was the karaoke gang that hasn’t been around in weeks--Robert, Janene, Scott, Redhead Sarah and Sarajean (others were invited and declined). Redhead Sarah brought her kids and someone would go watch them in the arcade while she bowled. I have now identified that it was Winston, the littler one, who gave me the infamous marshmallow.

I was the best bowler in the first game (two strikes, two spares) and the worst in the second game. I have no effing idea how I can suddenly be good or fucking tank any more from game to game. But it was fun. We also played in the arcade before and I pretty much just did bowling (yes, they have a bowling game in the arcade...?) or skee-ball. Wasn’t that into the other things I tried, I guess I am being very predictable. Love skee-ball though, I even got the ball into the highest scoring sections several times.

Asked the guys why they haven’t been to karaoke in a few weeks and got “working” or “sick” answers. Neither guy auditioned for Singing In The Rain after all. Scott peeked in on a rehearsal of The Miracle Worker and Cameron did NOT get Annie Sullivan--Alexis did. Gail is one of the aunts or something.

Also, both Janene and Robert are going to audition at Bike City too and seem to have more or less talked Scott into doing it, though I dunno if he signed up tonight (don’t think so? He looked at it on his phone at least.). He was reluctant because he hasn’t done a monologue before. Janene suggested one, I said I could pass him my monologue books by leaving them at the shop for him on Sunday, but who knows there. There is a possible director for summer Shakespeare that was mentioned--someone named Jessica, I’m still not clear if that’s Robert’s friend Jessica or some other one. Scott straight up said he will never work with Laurie again and acted out his going bibbledy-fetal-position from As You Like It again in the parking lot. Found out that basically the problem is that all the other directors are schoolteachers who want the summer off. I guess we’ll see.

I can’t get anyone else to go to karaoke next week, so I give up on going myself (also, let’s face it, avoiding Frank). Maybe in two weeks. Also, I asked Sarah if she got my text about Frank asking me out and she said she basically went bibbeldy reading it and didn’t know what to say. Whee. She volunteered to bodyguard me at karaoke next week, but when I had to admit I don’t know who’s going to be running it while Jim’s out.... no.

And then when I got home....well, a few weeks ago a new neighbor, Reggie, moved in two doors down, I said hello while I moved out boxes and crap. He was outside again when I got home and was all “hey, haven’t seen you in a while” and I (in pajamas at this point) was all, “yeah, I’m out a lot, just forgot my phone in the car.” He invited me over for a drink but I was all “going to bed, gotta get up in the morning.” Then like maybe 10-15 minutes later when I was in bed, someone was knocking at my door at 11:30. Really, dude?!?!

Seriously, I don’t need this kind of situation in my life!!!!! Also, since when did I of all people become late night booty call girl?!

It's really sad that after probably at least over a decade of nothing (I forget when my last "accidental" date was), I finally get asked out. Twice in one week, even. And I don't want either of my choices. FML.

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