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Back To The Country Again

2005-02-08, 2:34 p.m.

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I need a life. I admit it.
I've been obsessively at the gym most of the time. As previously mentioned, I've been so tired most nights I've ended up going to bed between 10 and 11.
Perhaps this needs to change. Perhaps it will.

Anyway, I got home last night around 8:30, and Heather and Chris were home. (She evidently has Monday and Tuesday off from work.) They were all, "Got any plans tonight? Want some?" and invited me along with them to go to country night at the lone dance club in town. Our neighbor Brian was also invited.

Now as you may or may not recall, I was going clubbing with them over the summer before Le Deluge occurred, and I hadn't gone with them since. They are at that stage of their relationship where they don't party as much and end up staying home watching movies most of the time. So I was quite delighted to get back into the clubbing thing. I pretty much disappeared from everyone else the rest of the night to hit the dance floor, and at the end of the night, Heather was all, "I couldn't find you ANYWHERE!". She said I have a standing invite to go along with them whenever they're going (usually Saturdays and Mondays) and I want to go, but I just hadn't been awake lately when she had been to invite me. I guess I'll have to stay up more often then, huh?
Much to my surprise, I actually remembered most of the line dances I'd learned months ago, and managed to wing it well enough on the ones I didn't. Heather and Chris are pretty baffled by how I do that. I always say that I've been doing it for enough years that I should be able to figure it out by now, and that half the time I'm just fumbling through/winging it like everyone else, but even I am amazed that I remember how to do dances I did a few times six months ago. Yay muscle memory!
One of the nice things about country night: I am so not the type that 99% of the population that would attend country night would go for that it's pretty low-pressure. (Well, except for the guy who freaked me that one night.) I did get asked to couples-dance with some old guy (why am I a magnet for any old guy over 40 with a scruffy beard and stashe and baseball cap? WHY?), but luckily I'd gotten a drink by this point and said I was still finishing it off. For once, the "no drinks on the dance floor" rule came in handy. He buggered off quietly, thank goodness. At any rate, I'm pretty clueless on the whole "couples dancing" thing, country style, which is couples dancing around in a circle and doing a lot of twirls as far as I can tell.
However, this might change. Heather got the idea to try to teach Brian to line dance (apparently he is not a dancer), and decided to recruit some of Chris's family members and me into doing it. Including the couples dancing. So I will be skipping the gym to do that tonight. Should be interesting, especially since Chris wants to go out and do some target practice tonight and asked if I'd ever shot any guns. I was all, "I have no aim," but he didn't care, so... here's to hoping I don't accidentally shoot anyone!
We were up till after 3 a.m. last night, which is fun for me and Chris since we're the ones with 8 a.m. jobs. Luckily I seem to run better on 5 or less hours of sleep, so I'm pretty okay so far (though chugging the Dew). Kind of strange for a Monday night, but what the hell, I like feeling like a partying college student again. Fun times.

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