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2007-02-08, 1:57 p.m.

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(title is totally, perhaps blasphemously, ripped off from a certain Jesus-related blog I read and like. But it seemed appropriate.)

So, I am taking a class in Wicca 101 right now. And am loving it so far. I'm sad I had to miss two classes of it. The teacher is offering a tarot class next quarter, I'll have to sign up for that as well. It's a three-hour long class- an hour and a half of Wicca 101, and an hour and a half of ritual work. Last time we talked about the ethics of spellcasting and worked on transferring energy, which was cool. I actually felt stuff going on there.

Next week we do a banishment (of bad habits or whatever) ritual. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do for that. Well, I know what I WANT to do in general, I am just trying to figure out (a) how to phrase it, and (b) can I deal with having to chant it aloud, or having to explain why I am not chanting it aloud. It may not be suitable for the audience of the class, either.

(What am I talking about, you ask? Eh, you could probably guess what I'd MOST like to banish, but I'd rather not say since I am not 100% finalized on that choice. I asked Kethrai if it was a "harm none" thing and she said yes, but there are other issues. I may end up going a more "PC" route in the end just so I don't have to explain my weirdness.)

I am applying to join the teacher's coven. Which is, ahem, Tower-themed. How appropriate is that?!

This is a little odd for me, considering that I've always been all, "I refuse to be an official member of any religion," but it's a teaching coven, so that interests me. I don't know if I've exactly ah, changed my mind on that "official member" thing or not. I still am quite fond of religious ambiguity, especially since I've spent the last month bouncing around between the Methodists and the Catholics and the born-again. I think I'd feel a little weird outright picking a side, especially if it's so different from all of the other sides I'm surrounded by. But on the other hand, I think the whole alternative, spellcasting, think-for-yourself thing is very cool.

Anyway, I'm looking at the questionnaire for it and feeling quite stumped, since relatively speaking I am a noob and can't exactly go into great detail about the aspects of the God. On the other hand, I can fairly well say I am not into casting curses. So, some stuff I know and some I don't. I've been told it's more of a "see if your personality works with everyone else" kind of thing rather than "we're looking for X answers," then eventually they get around to interviewing you for it. I'd rather get the app in sooner than later, though, even if I doubt this gets resolved before the spring somehow.

In the meantime, I am checking Wicca-related books out from the library and restraining the hell out of myself from going to the bookstore, which I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO DO, especially since I can no longer find my favorite book on how to design spells and apparently need to replace it. (This is driving me crazy because I really want to figure out this whole what-to-banish thing.)

I know if I go in there I'll be there for six hours and spend something like $50, and I am trying to be good and save money for going on trips. Actually, what I am doing this month is when I get the urge to shop, I log on to my bank account and go deposit the amount of money I was likely to spend into my savings account. I want to go buy a bunch of books, so I go deposit $50. I am hoping this (plus NOT getting anywhere near a fun store) will help curb my ass. I am not nearly as broketty-broke-broke as I was last month by this point in time, but still, I need to restrain myself.

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