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Lowered Expectations

2019-02-08, 5:26 p.m.

I am writing a crapload lately, what's with that? Daily tedious updates? Whaaaat?

Today's work moments:

I am very entertained by New Guy, but upon further reflection I think I am glad to not be dating him because he has been in and out and in and out of his relationship with his wife for like ten years. Very committmentphobic, backed out of a Hawaiian wedding, and finally had to get it done at a courthouse (I'm guessing a few years ago) because otherwise he'd chicken out. At one point he said he should get it done or else he'd keep making up excuses. And saying that he'd be happy with how things were but wanting to see if there was anything better out there...and he'd be "living life!" during breakups and she wasn't happy with that.... I did point out that there isn't always "something better out there."

He says things are good with his wife now and I hope so, but it does sound kind of exhausting. But hey, gives you some perspective on Why Some Dudes Do That.

Another coworker of mine today said that when her Mexican relatives send her long texts in Spanish that she can't read very well (she speaks better than she reads, she said) she "just sends kissy emojis" in response. I was all "try Babelfish or whatever Google translate machine is online these days," which she should do, but since this is on her phone that might be difficult to copy/paste all that.

I discovered that there is a pen sold at the nearby bookstore that actually erases the pen text. Sold in regular and in highlighter. It helps to have a buddy that works there. So I bought four of those to improve the mess I make of crossword puzzles.

I am still trying to do my dang protest hat, which has now mushroomed into that kid from old Cosby shows (sigh) that looked like he had a mushroom for a head. I will try to somehow reshape the thing into something wearable now. Who knows if that's doable.

And my boss had her one on one with the second-in-command in which she was going to talk to her about that international company. Since my boss had to leave early today, I bugged the 2IC to see how it went and...SIGH. It was a very ambiguous kind of "let's see what else is out there ehhhhhhhh" kind of response, super vague and frankly, did not make sense to me even though she admitted the company sounded good. I generally really like 2IC (I kind of girlcrush on her actually since I enjoy her "I'm older and I have more insurance" from Fried Green Tomatoes personality), but I am not so thrilled with her right now. Because it sure sounds like once again, we're gonna go nowhere and do nothing and this company never does effing anything*. I know her ultimate goal is really huge, but hell, I wouldn't count on it happening while she's here, or while I'm here.

* though I did find out that some stuff I work on actually got fixed today, and I sent huge thanks for it. That was a mini-miracle.

As for that, and other things that are disappointing me these days that aren't getting followed up on either, I need to remind myself: LOWERED EXPECTATIONS.

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