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The Love Language of Gifts

2020-02-08, 6:54 p.m.

Hung out with Jackie today. She liked my car or at least didn’t give me crap for not getting a Honda/Toyota (she hasn’t seen it since I got a new one, I did not tell her at the time....because I figured she might be annoyed at my not getting a Honda/Toyota). We went shopping around the outlets. She got a few things, I got a few things. There’s an islandwear store where I got a Princess Leia and R2D2 aloha-themed shirt, because it exists. I hit the dollar store for valentines to hand out at work.I got some Jelly Bellies for a dollar and some gorgeous undersea looking nail polish. We wandered around various places.

We tried a new sushi place out in the butt end of nowhere in Fairfield (that shoulda been a sign) where only some of the food is good. The sesame chicken was very sad, but the gyoza was good and the rolls were good. Oh well. We went to a Filipino place for lumpia and halohalo (which I will best describe as “dessert salad” in a sense....). We later went to the Thai restaurant we both like for dinner. I went in the yarn store nearby it since I was in the vicinity before it closed and found more Baby Yoda eyes (!) and some unusual yarn that was only in one skein, but I got it anyway.

She is pretty exhausted and not feeling well in general. I certainly arrived with The Winter Malaise hanging all over me, but I did perk up while we hung out. It was kind of Early Birthday, as she brought gifts and cake! I didn’t get to eat much cake, but I will later.

Jackie does nitpick the heck out of her friendships. She has like three friends she considers to be fairly annoying. One of them is pretty “my way or the highway,” puts down stuff Jackie likes and tries to make her pay for stuff, another one keeps angsting over shit and a third one has apparently been living in a bunker and has no idea what foreign food is or what most things in life are (for example: “Did you know that you had to have this thing called a passport to leave the country?!”). And she mentioned one guy friend who wants to date/marry her (though frankly, it sounds like he wants her for money and that she’s educated ... I dunno on attraction?) and is kind of a caveman when it comes to women’s rights and he keeps mentioning that stuff and I was all “aaaaaaah, I could not deal with that!” I concur that those folks are annoying, but it is up to her to either kick ‘em to the curb, or drift off/spend less time with them, or say, “Too bad you hate the idea of splitting checks, but I am not paying for three glasses of wine I didn’t drink.” She and Mom are very similar in nitpicking the interactions with everyone. I....really don’t want to know what she says about me behind my back, but at least it’s behind my back.

And well, the subject of Scott came up again, which we had not discussed since summer when she was kinda saying the equivalent of “suck it up, there’s worse things in the world and you are acting like a whiny teenager” at the time (justfied). I said well, turns out he does like me after all....and explained this in her love language of gifts. “Oh WOW,” she said, “I don’t think anyone ever spent that much on ME.” So in general she seems to be in favor (between that and hearing about his job), though she is rather baffled on his slowness--I hear ya there. Oh well. I get annoyed and impatient, but let’s face it, I will stick it out. Also because my other options are dudes I am not feeling it for, sigh.

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