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2021-02-08, 7:39 p.m.

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The UK variant has hit my area, because of course it has. On a related note, my FDA approved (or whatever the legal designation is) masks have arrived in the mail, so at least I have them for leaving the house. I went outside on the patio/to get the mail today and even walked around after work. It is gray but not frigid, at least.

My quarterly Big Project is now irritatingly On Hold because a whopping 22 people on the list are "undecided" and apparently there is no guideline as to when that might be decided. I told my boss we can only give it about a week and then we need to proceed without them (which, of course, causes other trouble). This has never happened before and ugh. In the meantime, I am continuing to run out of things to do about 3/4 of the way through the day, and working slow on my bottom-of-the-pile stuff. Enjoying that while it lasts.

I am forced to have a one on one alone with Grandboss at the end of this week. NOT for the usual scolding, mind you--she asked if I'd ever heard back from tech support about why sound doesn't work on the webcam and I said no and she said she'd work on it. Sigh.

Adventure Girl went to FREAKING UTAH this weekend to go see a baby. Out of state travel?! Over the weekend?! I just can't, y'all. I truly do not get how I can put so much work into not going around seeing people and having fun fun fun and yet all my coworkers are going out having fun and traveling and seeing their families and nobody ever catches it. Not that I want them to, mind you, but it makes me look like an even more batshit crazy person. I just don't want to die of this or get permanently handicapped from this, okay?! Especially when the variants are getting even worse and the odds of getting vaccinated in 2021 (according to my HMO today) are pretty slim for the under-65's.

The gossip/drama about my mom's manager killing herself continues. Mom pissed off one of her difficult friends by pretty much giving her the cut direct a few weeks ago--well, she said hi and then ignored her in a store and can't really explain why other than "I didn't want her to be nosy about Roger" (your guess is as good as mine on this)--and I was all, that was rude, Mom. Mom apologized and then the friend didn't write back. Welp, friend certainly has written back now because there's hot goss. (Apparently they have made up because Mom said she didn't know how to talk during Covid.) Friend called up the office and they were hedging about and she guessed what had gone on. Mom's old boss said it was "grisly" and the friend for once did not ask details. Friend then proceeded to grumble that whoever's answering the phones at Mom's old job suck at it, and the last time friend saw Mom's old last boss, "he was wearing flip-flops, a military flak jacket, and a tie-dyed shirt." To the accountant's office. Interesting quarantine wardrobe choice there. Even I haven't gotten that weird :P I asked Mom if this was right and she said "He wears jeans to work. Like lime green and orange colored jeans." I was all, I haven't been able to find colored jeans in YEARS, how is a GUY doing it?

Moth Story Slam, Pacific Standard Time Version: "Love Hurts" 58 people signed up, they only pick 8. I didn't get in, obviously, but I think I'm fine with skipping this one.

Chris: makes out as a small child, gets shamed at school about it, says "you know" too much

Jolie: random musing about watching football after you broke up with your ex, there is no plot to this

Elizabeth: friend in prison has a drama marriage. he gets out, they get back together, the wife makes him dump her as a friend. ACTUALLY GOOD.

Natalie: rambles on a lot about how she's hardly had any romantic involvements, is far more attractive than I am so how's that happening? How do I have more exes than her? got kiss at 22, somehow talks more about not getting it than actually getting it?

Michelle: proposing to her boyfriend, also because she wanted to be center of attention, so, twofer! he broke up with her over email at Thanksgiving. "I shat my pants on 9th Avenue." People are giving her gifts and taking care of her on the plane. Pilot sends his best, they bring her a chocolate sundae.... Awwww. Then an Amazon employee gives her a nice rush order from her coworkers. (And Adult Diapers.) ALSO EXTREMELY GOOD

John: high school girlfriend dumped him in a letter by the time he made it to college. a letter is the worst because it's so premeditated.... THEY ENDED UP GETTING MARRIED.

Liz: she dates a country singer who's moving to Nashville. He gets pissed off when she makes a joke about his twin bed, which offends him greatly. He's the 4th guy who she's dated with one. She writes him a love letter hoping he'll write a song about her. Nope. 'I can't force a love song. But I can choose to never date a man with a twin size bed ever again."

Amy: suicidal best friend makes her life hell for years.

(El the host: one ex broke up with them in middle school saying that he'd seen the softer side of Sears and now El is in the hardware department. El laughed at this. "He's in prison now. I'm sure he's doing great." "These events are the first time I feel like I left my house."

Michelle won (my vote too).

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