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Line Dancing, Bulgy Sweaters, and Naked Pictures

2005-02-09, 10:42 a.m.

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Today was the first day I'd skipped the gym in about a month (volunteer night not being counted as "skipping" precisely), because we were going to do this line dancing lessons thing, and it would behoove me to be dressed in non-sweats and not in need of a shower and having fed myself before it went on. And to be honest, it really annoyed me to just go home and sit around watching DVD's when I should have been working out. I just wanted to goooooo already.

We didn't do the shooting (too dark, too late by the time Brian got off work), but we did learn about four line dances in Chris's kitchen. As usual, I pretty much picked things up right away, though we did do some of the easiest ones. Sarah (Chris's sister) seemed to do okay, but kept claiming she was tired out easily from doing it. Brian usually claimed he wasn't getting it at all, but was doing better than he thought he was.
At one point, Sarah requested that we learn one of the couples dances. I really didn't want to, since I don't like doing them, but sucked it up. I turned out to not be all that bad at it, except for figuring out where the spins were. I mostly danced with Chris, who dragged me about on those enough so that I got it. Brian actually turned out to pick that up well, but he said he'd done swing dancing in high school. I still don't think I'm too into couples dancing, but I guess I could fake along on the one dance at this point.
And after that, Chris's dad told us a lot of bizarre stories until midnight. My favorite of the evening was how a naked picture of him ended up online. (This story should get across to you how...odd...he is.) Anyway, he had a photo of himself in some lake or other, up to his knees in water but otherwise doing full frontal nudity, taken by his wife before she ran off. Well, one day post-runoff he takes the photo, along with other ones (god only knows what those were), and throws them out at work. I think that might have been so the kids didn't find them or something, I'm not sure. Then he goes online and starts chatting with some random chick. I'm not sure if this was someone he'd dated/was dating, or if it was a random net girl, or what, but she asked what he was doing, and he says, "Throwing out a naked picture." Somehow she talks him into sending this to her, and his "Bad idea!" alarm does NOT go off, and he does it. She in turn posts it online as a joke (it has since been removed) and sends it to him in e-mail with some sort of tag on it about a naked woman. Chris's dad, oddly enough, does NOT go check out the "naked woman", but does forward it on to his friends and Chris.
Hilarity ensues.

I'm surprised I'm not feeling more zonked considering I got about three hours of sleep Monday night and about five and a half last night. The crash will not be pretty.

Februarium is going on again. I got the notify about it and nearly sent off a cheerful e-mail saying, "I'll do it! I'll sign up again!" Then I remembered: oh, yeah, I have nothing to write about when it comes to love any more. So, um, never mind. Shame, though, it was one of the few collabs I thought was really cool to do.

I am wearing my finished and blocked sweater today to show off at the CC, since everyone there saw me working on it for months on end. (Truth be told, it's still a little wet, but dammit, I couldn't wait any longer. This is why I hate handwashing sweaters and waiting for them to dry for a week.)
To be honest, it still looks kinda funny. You can't really tell I have mutton sleeves with it on, and the top part that was all bulgy before blocking isn't any more, but the um, bizarre shoulders/neck area (more easily seen here is still sort of obvious. Not so much when it's on, but if I have to move my arms up a bit, suddenly the top's bulgy and weird again. It's obvious wearing it that the part where the flower and vine pattern was put in is a bit tighter than the rest of it, somehow.
But what the hell, I'll wear it, and I've got a shirt on underneath it should I get too embarrassed later on or something. I also brought my camera today, maybe I can get someone at the CC to take a picture for me.

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