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2019-02-09, 9:51 p.m.

Tarot card reading I got today:

Situation As It Is: The Fool

Course of Action to be Taken: The Star (guided in the right direction...supposedly)

New Situation that Will Evolve: Four of Cups (an offer to be considered)

Well, the first and third card rather summed it up for me, thanks.

As you can guess, I have not heard back from the professor. I got up the nerve to do a reminder e-mail one more time this morning and then said something like “well, if I don’t hear back, it was nice meeting you!” And then was all, well, at least I tried, I get some life bonus points for that even if nothing happens...

Moving on to other distractions, it helped to get to hang out with people. Today Dawn and Loretta and I did the following:

(a) Shopped at thrift stores for Dawn’s 1960’s/70’s costume for her office parade float on Picnic Day. Dawn says I’m her good luck charm when it comes to shopping and indeed, she found an awesome dress and some denim for the costume. I found about four shirts, a tie-dye pair of leggings and a couple of books while doing that.

(b) Went to Vampire Penguin, which was awesome. I had a strawberry and chocolate dish with strawberries and brownies and it was delicious.

(c) After that we went to Barnes and Noble and had a delightful time reading out of books to each other, checking out various books and magazines and reading the silly parts. I ended up getting another book and a really cool magazine with a bunch of adorable amigurumi, with Rapunzel in a tower.

(d) Then we went to Joann’s.... you get the idea. I didn’t get much there though, one ball of yarn for patching things, some flower beads and some “starch spray” for making that tower, according to the instructions.

We had a good time and I was so glad Dawn drove because the amount of rain pouring on the way home was freaking me out.

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