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2004-02-10, 6:36 p.m.

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I am annoyed with myself for desperately wanting to shop. I was eyeing two books today: Bet Me, which comes out today in hardback, and a paperback. I elected to skip the paperback for now, but was pondering what to do about Bet Me. I have a coupon from Borders for ten percent off, but I can't use it until the end of the month. Plus, I loathe buying and paying for hardback- they cost 3 times the amount of paper and I can't even bring them with me on a trip without killing my back. But I got the idea to check Palm Digital Media and they have the book there in ebook for $15 (as opposed to $22). It says subscribers can get it for $13, so I got it for even cheaper. God, I love ebooks- portable goodness!

I keep thinking about going to the one store in town that sells lingerie and attempting to buy a slinky nightgown there for Valentine's Day, since shopping for them this weekend was a literal bust. I bought one there years ago that was great (albeit pricey), but let's face it, my tits probably won't fit in those either if I go. Bleah.

I had to go mail a package and hit the ATM and buy more envelopes during lunch, so I had to go into the school bookstore...and found Bibliotherapy. I was hooked from looking at one page. I could not resist. Fortunately it wasn't as expensive as it looked, but... bad Jen! I've been so good for me this month!

I'm trying to restrain myself, but lately it's like I have to grab every book I can find. I'm reading three right now (one e-book, one library book, one regular book), for chrissake. And I have three library books to get through! (Short ones though- reading through Spalding Gray.)

I have been trying to look into some sort of exercise program that is both (a) affordable, (b) something that can hopefully be done more than once a week, and (c) is located not too far from home. This seems to be impossible. I have looked into dance classes, which are kind of far off, cost a ton, and only run for 5-week sessions. After reading this entry, I tried looking into Curves, only to find that it's located in North Bumfuck and the bus does NOT have a close stop out there. And today I've been looking at the "stop in anytime" aerobics-type classes located on campus. But those are located on the far end of the main branch of campus, which means I can't catch a bus to go home and it's about an hour's walk from that end. Yes, I know that's more exercise, but do I want to hike for an hour after exhausting myself at aerobics? I wouldn't get home until late then too.

I'm not even sure why I'm looking for something that goes more than one night a week when I don't think I have the time in my schedule to cram more in on weeknights. Classes and/or writing with Jess Monday/Tuesday, Wednesday going out with Heather for dinner around the time classes would go on, and Thursdays usually involve needing some packing time- where am I planning on cramming it in here? It makes me want to reconsider getting some tapes and exercising to those, but between all the computer cords on the floor and cats I'd probably kill myself if I tried. My living room isn't too roomy for that anyway. Mom did offer me their old NordicTrack, but where the hell would I put it?

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