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Scheduling and Rain

2019-02-12, 9:53 p.m.

I did hear back from the professor--still interested, how about next Friday? And then I was all both “yes!” and “oh hell, I still haven’t figured out what the fuck to do next weekend...”

I am really angsting about next weekend. I really want to go to the South Bay--either Pantheacon or to Meg’s, though am kind of leaning towards Meg’s because who knows when I can see her next and for whatever reason I don’t seem to be feeling it for Pantheacon this year (maybe my lack of mojo, I dunno). BUT if it’s pouring ass rain and dangerous to drive in it for hours the way my car acts up, plus apparently it’s been snowing on the SC mountains, then maybe not. I could take the train and bus to Meg’s but that still leaves a drive (albeit not by me) and the last time I went there in February a few years ago it was getting pretty dicey if I’d even be able to leave thanks to mudslides or whatever the hell it was, I forget. So I dunno.

I decided that if it’s probably raining Friday night I probably won’t try to travel that night anyway (or at least I have the heebie-jeebies about riding on the Santa Cruz bus late at night in this weather), so... yeah, postponing that decision some more on the travel issue, probably until Saturday morning and we see how it goes. Weather reports have gone from “absolutely pouring rain” to “just raining Friday” to “I dunno, maybe....” so I guess I’ll figure it out closer to the date. Meg seems fine with that, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, am setting up a date for drinks on Friday. :)

I’m also not sure if Gumbo is going to be going on or not! I am signed up on an actor’s mailing list and saw an announcement that Sam is going to be directing a play elsewhere at the same time and I was all “wtf?” What is going on? Is Gumbo canceled? Is Sarah directing alone this year? What is the deal? I e-mailed him to ask but so far no word yet.

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