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No Karaoke

2020-02-11, 7:02 p.m.


Not much to say today other than (a) we got a new temp,
Vera, who is very chatty, and (b) I found out something absolutely horrifying that gave me total rage about the current interview cycle for the most recent open new position. Which is that the top two candidates already work of them being my beloved temp and the other ALREADY HAS A PERMANENT JOB, WHICH SHE HASN’T EVEN BEEN IN FOR A YEAR YET, AND SHE ALREADY WANTS OUT OF IT?!?! And I was told that my favorite temp “pissed Grandboss off when she asked a question somehow” (though I’ll note that Grandboss seemed fine with that one when she brought her up in conversation later). WTF?

Seriously, we can’t take her getting hired for another one. Then we’re STILL short on people. STILL. We need to either hire our temps permanently (they’re great) or get new blood, but we cannot afford to keep switching everyone’s jobs from department to department over and over and over again.



It is now officially Fake Spring In February Week here! Thanks, global warming! But seriously, there’s always some random week in February where the temperature goes from 30’s/40’s/50’s to suddenly near seventy, and we just hit that the last few days but had horrible wind. But for the last few days I have been able to walk out the door wearing less clothes, less layers (no “Christmas Story” kid waddling in 4-5 layers of pants), the light parka instead of the heavy parka. I am still mostly kinda hating life and having acedia right now, but the warm weather helps.

(I got asked to clean out my volunteer cubby at the CC if I’m not coming back and I can’t even explain WHY I don’t want to. They miss me. I miss them too.)

Found out from the current Shark Tank leader that the website we all have to use for data entry is even more of a horrible horrible trainwreck than it was before, tons and tons of information is missing, etc. I said to Tigress after he left, “you know, I didn’t want to be moved out of that area, but one of the very few reasons I wanted out was specifically because of THAT.” I literally just don’t have the time to spend cleaning up broken data while juggling the area I run as well. They do need to hire someone JUST to work on that....but sadly, it can’t be me. God, I wish the sharks could find jobs elsewhere, but clearly they can’t.

Why the fuck does anyone “upgrade” anything WHEN THEY LITERALLY ONLY MAKE IT WORSE AND MORE BROKEN EVERY FUCKING TIME?! I do not understand this.

But at least work hasn’t been terrible the last few days. About a 5.5 on the scale on Monday and about a 4 on Tuesday, so that’s doing REALLY good. I even got the major thing I had to have done (which was hampered by the one girl who is the only one who can do anything being out sick most of last week) done today, so there’s that.

I did not go to karaoke tonight. Reasons why:

(a) Jim wasn’t going to be there, which means I have no idea who the hell he’d get for backup DJ since he was the regular backup DJ for Matthew. Sometimes Matthew would get Brian (note: not theater Brian, another one), who was nice enough but I didn’t so much like how he operated as a DJ (getting him to let me sing a song was surprisingly difficult), but Jim mentioned trying to get Matthew back and given the ah, personal drama I am privy to, I do not feel so great about that topic as I would have in the past.

(b) If Jim’s not there, it means Ashley (who can’t drive due to medical stuff) won’t be either, and Doris was going on a cruise, and we don’t know if Stephanie is gonna show or not since she’s not as regular as she used to be.

(c) None of my friends want to go to karaoke any more, or at least “not this week.” Which may be never at the rate we are going. Karaoke may be over.

(d) Therefore, I would only have Walt (Trump fan), Kathy (his girlfriend who is lovely, so no issues there) and Frank to hang out with, and.... we have a problem with that last one now, don’t we.

So instead I stayed home. I picked out pretty hippie clothes to wear to the con, so I am packed days early. I blasted Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” on repeat on the iPod for an hour while doing this. Dua Lipa does the best breakup/I’m over this dude songs.

I texted Sarah later when she asked if I was going and had some commentary on dudes who don’t want me (she suggested I ask him to lunch and confess my heart, or not, but again, I just don’t feel like I can do anything without freaking him out), which morphed into how I feel like I can’t turn down anyone who asks me because I’m obviously desperate and she thought I was allowed to have preferences and that the guys she goes for vs. the guys who go for her is just as bad as it is for me (she compared them to the disturbing panda we saw at that restaurant, which has now “super liked” her on Facebook) and said I’m not a bitch for rejecting anyone. “Some people aren’t our people.” Good point, but it makes me sad anyway. I just don’t want to deal with it. She said sometimes she just goes on dates for free dinner, which Sarajean likened to a “cat exchanging three pets for fancy wet food.” I can’t even stomach that.

I went to bed early on a Tuesday, like a good girl. I may be doing a lot of that from now on. I hate it. I’m not sure if I am going to go back without the gang around as bodyguards at least (pretty sure Frank wouldn’t have gotten up the nerve to ask if my friends were around), but at least next week Jim and Ashley should be back or at least are likely to be, so there’s somebody.

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