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Batman Slaps Robin

2021-02-11, 7:45 p.m.

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I have nothing much to say about today, other than I had to sit through a presentation on an important but boring topic and the following happened: (a) Lady mentions making everyone have to check off a box before they can do what they want, and then straight up saying she knows nobody reads it, but that way when they whine that they had no idea....this had us laughing in private group chat, lemme tell ya. (b) There was a random slide of a cat for like 2 seconds she never commented on, I bet this was to keep us awake. (c) There is a slide with a photo of Batman slapping the shit out of Robin with a joke about the subject matter.

I don't have much to say otherwise. It's raining today so I didn't go out in it. I did drop off a congratulations card on Reggie's door since I think today was when he said they were getting married. Arne and Carlos are back--Carlos is out of the hospital and doing a lot better. I also watched this livestream of a preview of a one-woman show I want to watch this weekend.

Kelly is plotting a new play based on The Crown, so I am going to have to go watch that. She wants to do a 2-person show on the potential relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Jackie Kennedy (me playing the Queen, Shanna playing Jackie) and yes, I gotta do an accent! We may watch the scenes Saturday morning, assuming that one of us figures out the share video thing.

I found this today and ended up sending it to Scott. He'll probably ignore it as per usual. I debated whether or not to even fucking bother, honestly. (I was right. Shouldn't have bothered.)

I have, however, come up with an amusingly sneaky idea for his present. I saw on Ravelry that someone had wanted to try to do secret code on the Luvbot in binary. However...binary's 8 digits, this piece ain't that big, I don't think it's going to work....but I love the idea of doing a secret code thing. Except I am apparently too dumb to figure out anything but the easiest of secret codes (and frankly, even today I had my doubts), couldn't find one that was in six digits that goes around the robot, etc. Then I saw this and thought, "Hey, I could sneak in some Morse code on the arms....

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