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2021-02-12, 7:47 p.m.

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I woke up at 5 a.m. again for no good reason, so let's watch WandaVision Halloween!

Inside television: Wow, I haaaaaaaaate the 90's credits. They seem to be ripping off Malcolm in the Middle, which I would not have been expecting. It's also All About The Boys. "Are you old Red Riding Hood?" Sokovian Halloween flashback is fucked up. Who hands out fish? "A booger!" "There were NO other clothes in my closet." Oh no, they are turned on by Mexican wrestlers. "Wanda/ BE GOOD....I smell crime!" I can't even with the super terrible costumes! They did not rip off Roseanne when it comes to costumes!

Outside the bubble: "Hey, there he is, the guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad?" "Do you work for me?" "I actually don't know." "If Wanda is the problem, she has to be our solution."

Inside: Wanda tests Pietro 2, can't figure out why he looks different. "How's about you let Uncle Petey maximize your Halloween position?" Wanda, are you sure you want this guy back? Like, he's kinda a turd? Also, Vision is NOT on duty. HMMMMMM. "You want something changed?" I don't know what to make of this...frozen...woman? Tonight's commercial: YOMAGIC, the snack for survivors. That is the most disturbing commercial I've ever seen. "Who beefed in your borscht?....That's what you wanted, isn't it?" Pietro also seems to be well aware of TV Tropes. "What happened to your accent?" "What happened to yours?" Pietro says he heard her calling him and he came. "Don't go past Ellis Avenue!"

Outside: "Wanda's brother came to town." "And he brought the wrong face."

Inside: The people at the end of town are barely moving. Vision's wandering out there, where no one else moves either. He finds a frozen Agnes in her car. He touches her to wake her out of 'it." She recognizes him. He doesn't know what an Avenger is, though. She tells him he's dead. A lot. He says he wants to get out and she says not only does no one leave, Wanda won't let anyone think about it. He puts her back when she can't stop laughing. Vision goes past Ellis Avenue.

Outside: Worst comes to worst, Wands puts me under and in low-rise jeans, Monica snarks. Darcy points out that if she goes in again, her cells will change even worse. Monica won't stop until she helps Wanda. Darcy wants to stay behind and hack.

Inside: "Where were you hiding all these kids before now?" Pietro says, continuing to nitpick all the TV tropes and asks how she did it. "I'm not some stranger. And I'm not your husband. You can talk to me." Wanda doesn't know how she did it. She has a flashback to Pietro being dead.

Outside: Darcy gets through the last firewall. Vision....also goes through the last firewall. Or tries very hard, anyway. Inside, Billy somehow knows what's going on and gets Mom. Vision is eroding as he tries to leave. "Hey, don't sweat it, sis, it's not like your dead husband can die twice." Wanda just blasts Pietro, but not in the nuts like he deserves. Wanda grows the barrier, and sadly Darcy is handcuffed to a car and can't get away from it taking her too. A whole lotta people are dragged in.

At Yarn Club today: someone said that "my ex-boyfriend made me get rid of my furniture." Yemi: "Ladies. this is why we never listen to men." Original person: "I was a lot stupider then. That's why I've been single for the last 20 years." Another person: "People don't fall in love for the first time in their 60's and 70's."

I had a lot of Zoom meetings today, which boiled down to the following:
* Meeting with Grandboss alone to monkey with my webcam sound
* Meeting to see if we could get anything done early on the quarterly project
* Yarn Club (see above)
* Meeting to do something everyone hates, but at least we got that done pretty quickly and mostly painlessly.
* Water cooler hangout, which was fun.

I'm pretty much only gonna talk about the first two. Grandboss and I looked at settings on my computer trying to figure out if the sound in general was working and eventually figured out probably guessed it... UNPLUGGING THE THING AND PLUGGING IT BACK IN AGAIN DID THE TRICK. (I will note that that afternoon, I finally heard back from tech support--do you still need help? LOL, y'all) Then Grandboss wanted to chat--she showed me the snow where she's at in Oregon, showed me the dogs, her grandkid, etc. and just randomly chatted, like we did in the beforetimes before everything know. It was very nice. Though I am concerned that she said she doesn't want a vaccine....apparently ever, she doesn't think she needs it and doesn't like anything "invasive." I don't even know what to say to that. I guess my equivalent of that would be pill swallowing? She did say something along the lines of it's important to be seen so that you're not forgotten and I said that well, I forget exactly how I said, but indicated I hadn't been doing too well for a while and wanted to wait until I was sure I was doing better and.... "well, I was able to work...." but couldn't really talk about it. So I guess that's our version of that conversation!

Anyway. That went well, and then I went onto the next meeting, in which I was all "here's how we proofread X," and then everyone else was all "OMG IS THERE ANY EASIER WAY TO DO THIS?!" and well, no.... which turned into having Grandboss called in to see what kind of a trainwreck was going on here. We have old computer programs, y'all. But THEN it turned into "oh, you know thing that you've been doing your entire career? Never mind! We are no longer following that very strict rule!" and then I was just gobsmacked and WTF and "isn't that going to cause problems if we're not doing it....?" (which of course, got overruled) and....yeah, I felt rather wrecked by lunch. It was a long workday, as my coworkers all felt pretty trashed after that meeting too!

Tonight I watched "Mardi Gras for All Y'all," an Internet/TV special on New Orleans. Lots of music and interviews, some shots of floats (what I'm here for) and talk of food that sadly, none of us can sample right now. I do admire the New Orleans aesthetic though. "When you see the drunken Wookiee behind me...." was the craziest visual of the night. It's a three-eyed, six-armed one. It was a quite long special (2.5 hours! Damn!) and I guess they have even more the next two days!

In other news, Kelly started writing her Jackie/Queen play, so we are going to read the first scene, along with watching the episode of The Queen. Hopefully that works, technologically speaking.

I went outside for walkies again (not raining), so go me.

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