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I Have Nothing Better To Do On This Day

2011-02-14, 7:38 p.m.

So, last week I faxed in my bills/receipt copies to the insurance company, and mailed out the bills for the flood time of my life. Once I get the reimbursement check... hopefully by the end of the month...., that drama's over, financially at least. I guess that means I'm free to move on to the next disaster to come? *looks at watch* I paid less rent this month, but between the much higher electric bill and the deductible I had to pay... well, yeah, I still ended up paying more than my regular rent. Darn it! Oh well, the point is to get me back to the same financial equilibrium, not to save some cash, I guess.

On the plus side of things in life:
(a) I am now temporarily a redhead again. I have missed the red. I'm not good on roots and maintenance, hence the temporary, but it does look lovely.
(b) Meditation class at work has started again, and man, I freaking need it.

Technically speaking, I have been meditating since kindergarten (my school was strange). I have done it off and on and off and on and off and on ever since... but the thing is, I still don't LIKE doing it. Back during the last budget disaster a few years ago, when going to work every day was just walking into a wave of fear (and yet ironically, nobody got canned. Pay docked, yes, canned, no.), I started forcing myself to meditate for 10 minutes a day, and managed to keep this up for about 130 days. Then I hit my limit. It did start to chill me out after about a month of that, which was a good thing. It's just a shame that I don't really find it pleasurable, because then I might stick with it.

The teacher said in class today something like, "Yeah, a lot of you in this class said you were going to be goners two years ago, and yet here you are. At this point I am all, whatever will happen, will happen." Good point. One does have to appreciate how the university will suddenly whip this class out again once the fear strikes.

This weekend's boring cleaning report: I went through about four boxes (out of like 12) of Random Stuff and sorted what to keep that I could find a location for, what to give away, and uh... random stuff I want to keep, but can't categorize in any way to put somewhere useful. I finally finished going through the magazines after like 3 weeks, nicely pruning down about half of the collection. I put away some of the yarn.

And I started cleaning the living room, via my new cleaning method of Put It In A Box. What this boils down to is:
(a) Put everything in the room in a box.
(b) Take everything out and put it back, but preferably in some sort of order. I did this while watching the Grammys, which was quite entertaining. I don't usually watch awards shows, but hell, if you've got a guy in what I can best describe as a "bling turkey" outfit...with puppets...and I am seriously wondering if Gwyneth is gonna fall off the piano in those shoes... hoo boy!

What this boiled down to is that most of the stuff in the living room is going to get redirected into the craft room, or at least the yarn mess is. Hopefully. Detangling is what takes forever, though. I swear it took me one hour on this one ball of yarn. Real time-waster, eh?

We had lovely spring weather this weekend again, which made it hard to stay indoors. I went outside to sort magazines and then started getting run over by football players one day...argh. And then the next day I ah... went book shopping. I really need to fucking stop that. And now it's going to pour the rest of the week, so we're back to February as usual. Feh, winter.

I am seriously wondering what I am going to do next 3-day weekend. On the one hand, I keep thinking, "I could really use 3 days in a row uninterrupted to finish this stuff." (Hah, I say "finish", but yeah, right...) Especially if it ends up raining still, or if it gets sunny, I'll still have a 3rd day to work on stuff.

On the other hand, it's kind of a waste of a 3-day weekend not to do something. And meanwhile, I AM MOPING LIKE HELL that I do not get to go to the con again this year, or probably ever again now that I have nobody to go with/can't drive my ass there to go alone. I am really super sad about this. Part of why I am considering going to my mom's that weekend is that I will be distracted/annoyed enough not to sit around sniffling and sad about no con. If I stay home and clean, I will definitely mope like hell. So yeah, I dunno. I suspect this will really come up over the next week because Mom already wanted to come up here for what boiled down to a Valentine's date, and I told her no because the apartment is still in Avalanche Mode and thus not exactly habitable for one really super picky guest. If she's lonely, you know next weekend is gonna get the pressure.

As for Valentine's Day? Feh again. I am wearing all black. (Amusingly, I got complimented at work for being monochrome. GO FIGURE.)

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