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Pantheacon, Day One

2014-02-14, 9:35 a.m.

I wrote these entries a few weeks ago and keep forgetting to post them, so here you go:

Pantheacon, Day 1:

I left town precisely at 10 a.m., after hitting the post office to pick my con purse (which I'd left at Mom's after Hawaii) and getting gas for the car. It was a nice, pleasant drive and I didn't get lost, so yay. I arrived before noon and got the nice chick at the hotel to let me check in early. My room was nice and had a cute little kitchen and fridge and lots of pillows and things like that. The only thing annoying was that the AC was running in the room at full blast pretty much all of the time and I couldn't get the controls to work otherwise. Okay, so the room was pretty warm (did not even bother to sleep in my pajamas that I'd brought), but still, what a racket. But other than that, all was cool. I grabbed some of my pre-made meals and put them in my cooler and then headed off to the con!

I met up with Merry and her husband and we went to the opening, which was quite crowded. Then I went to presentations on fiber magic, using keys in magic, an oracular seidh, and Discworld. Yup, that last one was a presentation on the series for fans, with the presenters dressed up as Mustrum Ridcully and Granny Weatherwax, and a third one was there as Nanny Ogg. Amazing costumes. There was also two singalongs with ALLLLLL the verses of "A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End" and "The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All" printed out for us, though we didn't sing all nineteen of the last one. Fun times. I need to type up my notes on the first two presentations so I won't get into great detail on that right now, but those were cool and I learned some things.

As for the seidh: this is an event put on by a Norse group (note: two of them were held this year, I didn't make it into the second one, the explanatory link is from the second group that I didn't get to see) in which three people will go into trance and answer your questions or channel Norse gods if you'd like to speak to any. I brought Merry to it because she wanted to ask about how to get a job. Unfortunately we ended up getting there late because she kept running into people she knew, so she ended up getting the last reading and I did not get one. I am kinda disappointed at that, but (a) she had a more dire question than I did to ask since she's unemployed, and (b) I just kept having the feeling I wasn't going to get in there anyway. Sigh. The seer she talked to recommended that she talk to a particular person at the con about glamoring herself for interviews, but she never did it. Sigh.

I did do dinner with Merry and her husband that night, which was the one time all weekend that we ever saw Fey. Don't know where the hell she was the rest of the weekend. She did say hi, though. Jocelyn was standing around a few feet away avoiding us as far as I could tell.

Later that night was the Pomba Gira red and black dance party (I'm not sure what the hell else to call it). It was great fun. I got out of Discworld early, so we got in and danced until closing and got free beads. We ran into Kenny there, which was awesome. We also saw Jocelyn, who actually talked to Merry and her husband several times. I...tactfully looked away and otherwise pretended she wasn't there since as far as I have been able to tell, she prefers it that way.

However. At the end of the night, she actually went up to me and offered me some chocolate!


I still don't know what to make of this or what is going on here. I'll probably never know. But wow.

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