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Crafting on Valentine's Day

2019-02-14, 9:40 p.m.

For those of you (i.e. no one) waiting with baited breath to find out what New Guy is doing for his wife for Valentine's Day, he negotiated ("The Art of the Deal!") to do a "Dadurday" in which he takes the kids for an entire day so his wife can do what she wants. So that worked out.

I had to sit through a meeting today on "Lean Six Sigma." I still don't particularly know what Six Sigma is (though to be fair, I didn't really care or pay that much attention to those bits), but this was a lecture on how to do more with less (otherwise known as "Your Job Already") by cutting out excessive stuff in your job that doesn't add value to your clientele. I was all, OH YEAH, I HAVE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS, LIKE NOT HAVING TO ASK PERMISSION OF BIG SHOTS TO LET PEOPLE MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES, but.... that ain't happening. So yeah, I'd love to not have to redo things all over again or waste days of my time on waiting for someone to literally do nothing but sign a piece of paper, but good luck getting other orgs to cooperate with this!

We were having another low-staff day--it should be pretty telling that when someone went out with chest pains yesterday (she's fine) was all, "I knew I had to come back today or everyone would all be worse off." New Guy was left to cover everything and he said he was fine with it. He does not mind phones or counter. I wish I was that cool and froody with it instead of being all 'OMG STOP CALLING ME AND ASKING TO CHANGE THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN."

On the other hand, Valentine's Day was lovely for me because I spent it at the Craft Center. I have been a bit grumpy about my class running (mostly because I'm kinda concerned that now it overlaps with Gumbo rehearsals in the future), but it was fun and everyone was nice and super into their projects and coming up with really cool things they want to try. I find this very cheering and exactly what you want in a class. I also brought in kitty and puppy valentines and candy for people at the counter.

I also bought myself this for Valentine's Day and it actually showed up at my door and not stolen and everything! On the day! Impressive.

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