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A Somewhat Spiritual Weekend After All

2015-02-15, 10:26 p.m.

So this year I did not go to Pantheacon. Lack of money. This makes me sad. At occasional points I debated going anyway, but in the I ended up having tapping class on both this Friday and this upcoming Monday and I really shouldn't show up to that feeling like total roadkill in the way that one does after a con. (Plus I have to make potluck dinner for hippies that night too.) But this weekend I ended up attempting to stay in the hippie spiritual spirit by going to two spiritual festivals in Sacramento this weekend. Both were one-day events held at different places--Saturday's at a small hippie store and Sunday's was a small-ish mini-con at a hotel. And happily, both of them were free. At both events, a fair chunk of people scheduled to talk "just didn't show up," which is kinda irritating. Geez, flakes.

Anyway... Saturday's was held in downtown Sacramento, on a Saturday, so I needed to go move my car about every two hours and schedule my attendance of lectures accordingly. I went to the opening meditation and a talk on pendulums. I still think pendulums are cool, I just wish I had the knack of actually getting the little boogers to work dramatically like the lady manages to get them to do. However that goes.

I also went to a talk on labyrinths. After that, I wanted to go tool around the one that lady is giving a tour of next weekend (not going, think I'm already booked that day), but couldn't find the damn place or anywhere to park around it, so I got all in a huff and went home. The lady and I had talked about the labyrinth at the cemetery where I live, and she mentioned there were TWO out there, which I did not know. Turns out that the second one had been located on some hill in the back of the cemetery but hasn't been kept up At All and all I could find of it remaining was a broken bench. I then attempted to do some kind of spiritual labyrinth walk on the remaining one...and then all these families showed up with their baby and dogs and the cemetery was NOT quiet. I tried hiking out the back end for awhile until all the dogs went away and saw two giant jackrabbits, but that was as exciting as it got.

I spent Valentine's night trying to get some shitty adware plug-in (unisales) to get the fuck off my computer. I ran my virus programs, downloaded MORE virus programs, and none of the damn things got rid of the particular shitty adware until I did a search on the term and found out it was more easily removed than that. Sheesh. So yeah, VD is as shitty as it usually is when I'm not at a con. Sigh. Oh well, at least I got that crap off the computer. I also watched Archer, season 5 and Pam eating a shitload of cocaine. Fun timez.

Sunday's expo had two lectures running each half hour. I don't know why the guy who puts this thing together does that because there were some lecturers that clearly could have used more time and a few that ah...were really out of stuff to say about after 15-20 minutes. Perhaps the two could be balanced out somehow, have one room of half-hour talks and another room of hour talks? Plus, well, beats me why some people apparently just flaked and bailed On The Day. Come on.

Anyway, my favorite speakers talked about gemstones, about starting their own business, and about dealing with difficult people. Other stuff I went to involved sniffing a lot of essential oils, hearing people talk about how they did psychic readings, and a shamanic healing ritual. The last one is hard to explain--it involved a lot of nature sound effects in the dark--but darned if my headache didn't go away after that. And the only thing I bought all weekend (other than groceries and gas) was a $4 rock cell phone charm that actually stays in there and supposedly wards off negative energy or radiation or what the fuck ever. Given the conversations I have with Mom at times, I need all the help I can get with that one.

In other news, it's time for me to renew...goddamned everything. First thing due is deciding whether or not to still taking tapping classes--she'll give me a whopping discount if I do round three, but it's scheduled during all of my writing group meetings for 3 months ARGH. I have to figure that out tomorrow. Followed by dealing with my Internet (my ISP wants to shut me down if I don't upgrade, as far as I can tell) and whether or not to renew my lease. FML, I don't want to deal with any of this.

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