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Candidate Number 3

2018-02-15, 9:04 p.m.

Well, candidate #3, Actually Someone Qualified This Time, We The Management Say, had her day yesterday. I was unimpressed. Well, I'll put it this way: she seemed nice enough. But I got the impression that she has only worked in "nice" offices and not trainwrecks like ours is. And I want and need someone who knows how to deal with trainwrecks.

1. When asked about how she'd handle bullying from managers in the office (much as I do not like my grumpy bear coworker, we can count on him to ask the ugly questions without ever getting into trouble about it like the rest of us would), she was all, "Well, one time like 15 years ago one of my employees was rude to a student, so we had to deal with that, they called it an investigation and I didn't like that...she wasn't fired, counseling happened." Not exact details there, but something along those lines. I'm like, you dealt with a problem person once?

2. And when asked how she'd deal with say, a well beloved program being discontinued by the higher ups for an inferior vendor product even though everyone who's an expert said not to, she was pretty much all "I'm sure the higher ups had a reason.*"

* note: actual reason as far as I know was "the programmer was a super awful human being," don't even get me started again on how shitty a person has to be for them to decide that they'd rather deal with a super inferior vendor with no clue than someone who is a prize asshole.

3. And when someone asked about having to deal with constant fires, she was totally taken aback and was all, "you shouldn't have to be constantly putting out fires all the time!" Uh, this office is a perennial dumpster fire during open hours, honey. Yes, technically that's true, but we DO.

I believe something else came up about "we'd like a big boss who will actually back us up instead of selling us out to whoever asked him for something and then leave us to figure out how to do it with no support," but since that was a response to #3 asking what we'd like in a big boss, I don't know what she thought of that.

If I were her I'd be heading for the damn hills on this one, seriously. I don't think this is the place for her.

Unfortunately it occurred to me that the higher up in charge of this, call him Acting Big Boss, is also a very nice person, and therefore is probably looking for very nicey nice people who are incapable of dealing with any actual stress and problems. Y'know, like the last guy he hired. And while I liked Former Big Boss, he was just too nice in some respects.

We had a meeting with Acting Big Boss today and I asked him if we were interviewing any more people besides #3 and #4, who gets their day next Friday. He said no, he really likes these two.

I am hoping #4 is a standout miracle worker, but after realizing that they are looking for nicey nice people and not anyone who can deal with actual drama, I really don't have much hope any more. I wouldn't vote for #3 unless #4 is even worse. Again, not to slight #3, but she's not what we need at all.

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