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Surprise Birthday Party in SC

2019-02-16, 6:31 a.m.

The crappy weather has officially died down enough for me to go to Meg’s without thinking that I am going to die on Highway 17. Indeed, it only rained a bit upon entering SC, so the bus ride was not deadly after all, just expensive.

I heard from Merry--she didn’t go to Pcon either--and from Mom, who is getting a biopsy and blood drawn for back pain? Ai yi, I hope that isn’t anything. She and Roger did go out for steak on VD.

When I arrived in SC, I found out that the family I also pet-sat for a few years ago was throwing a surprise birthday party and since I was coming into town, sure, I can come along. I had met almost all of them briefly before and got on with everyone. The food spread was quite amazing--a delicious almond cake with delicious spread, fruits, cauliflower actually made in such a way that it had flavor, etc. The one thing I turned out to categorically Not Like was kimchi. The last time someone busted that out at the CC I smelled it and was all “no way, can’t eat something that smells like this.” This did not smell like that--honestly, I thought it was some kind of pasta--but it was unpleasantly mouth-on-fire, so...nope. But otherwise things were very good. A good chunk of the cats I sat for have unfortunately died since then so I only saw one of them around.

I also had a cool conversation with one of them, who has just applied to fancy Shakespearean drama schools in Chicago and DC. I wish him luck for many reasons, including well, living in those locations, especially the latter one, especially these days. We had a cool conversation about improv and reading Neil Gaiman and whether or not I will ever read “The Art Of Asking” (he is reading it, I said I was raised Guess Culture on that sort of thing). He’s a cool guy.

After that we went home and walked the dog and did a brief grocery store run. They had Girl Scout Cookies for sale and I bought them for the family so I could introduce them to the deliciousness of Lemonades and later taught them about the two different bakers of GS Cookies and the variances between them.

After dinner, Meg and I hung out and talked and caught up on things. She said she thought I must be mad at her because she hadn’t heard from me in January and I was all “no, I knew you had houseguests all month” (her daughter was there for 3 weeks, and Jared from the CC and his large family were over at one point as well) “and figured you were too busy so we’d catch up in February.” Which happened, so there you go.

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