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2021-02-16, 10:06 p.m.

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Nothing much to say about today. Another slow day at work, mostly just waiting around on others to do things so we can move on with our lives, combined with "No, I don't know why the computer system is doing that." I went outside for awhile, then came back in when a crazy guy started screaming in the street. Life in CA.

Adventure Girl is going on a trip again for her bestie's bachelorette party and my boss is going to Hawaii at the end of the week. Seriously, I can't even conceive of wanting to go anywhere now while having to travel under Covid restrictions. I'm trying to forget about it as much as I can and having to go outside all masked up and paranoid and don't touch things and blah blah blah is just not enjoyable to me. I don't know how the hell one can relax in Hawaii or anywhere with this omnipresent stress.

I was looking forward to my therapy appointment today so I could read my shrink all the homework I've done, but five minutes before she texted me to say she had to take a mental health day and couldn't do it. Some kind of shitty fight broke out with her niece and she was too busy crying. I feel very badly for her.

In random news, somehow my county (maybe just my county?) has suddenly said that as of yesterday, literally EVERYBODY BUT EVERYBODY in my field, no matter what your job is, regardless of whether or not it has to involve others in person or anything, is now eligible for vaccine. And posted some official looking documentation about it. This of course was posted on the covid-19 Slack channel, followed by people wondering "Does that REALLY mean us?" "Well, it said LITERALLY EVERYBODY...." But for the record, I checked the MyTurn website and no, I wasn't any more eligible than I was the last time I checked, so.... probably not.

I think it sounds rather insane to insist that everyone in my field down to us clericals who can work from home would be eligible this early in the run, as it were, and I wouldn't believe that would seriously happen. Especially since my county has made it clear that they've got very little vaccine coming in and since this is a Company Town, it would be a fucking mob scene to let everyone at the giant org get one now. Later, I checked the county webpage and no, they just said frontline workers and they are still incredibly short on vaccine. About what I figured.

GODDAMN I AM SO FUCKING BORING THESE DAYS. I am bored of myself. I have nothing to say in this journal any more except to recap whatever I'm watching. Boooooooring. Oh well, I finished a couple of books, so there's that.

Note to universe: PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN JUST BECAUSE I SAID I WAS BORING. Because I seem to recall that the last time I was bored, the next day houses started burning down.

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