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2004-02-17, 10:07 p.m.

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Celebrity crushing annoys me.

Yes, occasionally I have done it, but not for very long. Unfortunately I am a very realistic person and sooner or later, the crushed-on celeb will do something I find disgusting. Like, say, taking up with some random hooker. Or taking a shitload of drugs. Or my latest one, dating a pregnant-by-someone-else supermodel and wearing her T-shirt on stage. Yeah, that makes me rather ill.

One expects this sort of behavior from actors, for obvious reasons. But from a non-actor, who makes a big deal about being a normal guy, who writes such sincere songs... and to find out he dates people like a certain big-tittled, thinks-she's-Audrey-Hepburn actress and a supermodel Michael J. Fox drooled over...GAH. Just...gaaaaah. Totally ruins the fantasy fun.

Not that I really blame him because what person with a penis wouldn't, but still, I am squickin'.

Oh well, even if we did meet in real life and he didn't find a real live girl to be fatter and uglier than Janeane Garofalo is considered to be in Hollywood, he still lives on the wrong coast and wants babies anyway, right?

At least I don't seem to be having nearly as bad a day as most folks seem to be. Got flaked out on for a few things, but that's ok. It's pouring rain out anyway and who wants to go outside? Instead of doing my homework for classes (last week's homework that I didn't do was to make web pages and write a short story, and frankly I couldn't be arsed to concentrate on either), I'm watching Bridget Jones for the fuckwittage and putting together breakup mixes. Yay to iTunes. This is actually quite entertaining.

At work, I went to a lunchtime talk on resume-writing. Most of it was same old, same old, get-it-out-of-the-bookstore kinda thing, but I did pick up a few tips for the future. And the woman leading the workshop sounded interesting- apparently she also sells crafts from time to time. I thought, "Hmm, this could be a woman I could talk to." And apparently work offers three free counseling sessions a year, so I signed up for next Friday with her.

I'm not sure what angle to take here- the "I don't know what to do with my life in the grand scheme of things" angle or the "Please tell me what things would be best for me to take at this place so I could get hired for something else when I inevitably get laid off in a few years at the max" angle. Any thoughts? Or both?

I keep finding stuff of his around the house and putting it into piles. I found tons of personal items while I was going through my bookcases. Bathroom items, the candle Scott and Demma gave us for our handfasting (it's a couple candle, I might as well get rid of that one, he can set our heads on fire), his old photo albums filled with pictures of his shitty friends that stopped being his friends. I'm sure that one will be useful to him.

During the day, I went into the library to check out a book and when rifling through my wallet for my card, noticed all the pictures of us in my wallet. I'm not a person who looks at wallet photos ever, but I'd gotten used to them being there like a backdrop. I pulled them all out and stuck them in my desk when I got back to the office. It's probably a good thing it'll be awhile before Heather's ready to do the swap, I still keep finding items and I want them all out at once.

I haven't told you about the humping cat yet, have I? No, I haven't.

Just in time for Valentine's and my breakup, one of the cats went into heat. The older one, Penny, came from the SPCA and thus came fixed, but Jasmine was rescued off the side of the road and thus was not. And Heather hasn't had a few hundred to spare to get her spayed. So,

Normally she's pretty mellow, albeit a bit mischievious, but since this started she's been mewing pretty constantly when not asleep and following me around all the time like I'm her object of affection. Not that she's humping me, but every time I sit down or try to eat or use my laptop or talk on the phone or do arts and crafts, she climbs up on the object and tries to hump it. She is madly horny for my laptop or electrical cords or crafts items, but only when I'm trying to use them. Lately I've been testing that "throw a cat and see if they land on their feet" thing all too often.

Heather told me that she's been known to lock her in the bedroom during the yowling phase, so I started doing it and don't feel TOO guilty yet. Dammit, I didn't want my laptop to get more action than me here.

But I think I've managed to foil her advances by leaving the light in my room turned on and then going in here. She seems to think I'll return in there, or at least she hasn't been in my face assuming the position for a few minutes....

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